How We Use Sundays to Hit Reset + Prepare for the Week

I love Sundays so much. Sunday is the day our family rests and recharges.  It’s the day we set ourselves up for success before the new week begins.

Every Sunday morning I wake up early, have a cup of coffee, read whatever book I’m currently digesting, and let the kids pour themselves cereal. We take our time, we talk and listen to acoustic music, they play in the backyard while I read more and Brian makes avocado toast for the two of us. Sunday mornings are my favorite.


As a mama with a fairly large family, Sundays are more than just restorative - they’re a key part of running my household. It’s important that I look ahead at the coming week and prepare. I want to wake up on Monday and know that my fridge is stocked, my work is pre-planned, my homeschool lessons are laid out, and I am ready to be intentional and show up for my role. Sundays are huge for us!

Since I’ve been getting questions about our Sundays every week on Instagram (I use my InstaStory as a vlog, so people see what I’m doing most days), I thought I’d take some time to share a written version of what a typical Sunday in our house looks like. I know I get inspired reading things like this from other people, so I hope it does the same for someone reading this!

A Typical Sunday

After our leisurely morning, we clean up and head upstairs to get ready for church.

After church, we usually go out to lunch with friends and then grocery shopping.

Once we get home, everybody helps clean out the cupboard and fridge of anything that’s gone bad. We wipe it all down and make way for the new food. I prep our food before storing it away to save myself time during the busyness of the week.

I like to set the tone for a quiet day of resetting even as I’m working to prepare for the week by playing music and diffusing oils while I slice berries and the kids help Brian carry in groceries and prep the fridge.

The rest of the day is usually lazy and peaceful. Maybe we’ll play board games or take a nap. Maybe Brian and I will Netflix it up while the kids play in the backyard. 

Later, after dinner’s been eaten, it’s clean up time. We all help clean up the house, start the week with a sparkling kitchen, wrap up any laundry that’s been abandoned in the washing machine, put clothes away, run our robo vacuum, basically just our normal nightly routine. The kids are included in the clean up too (bath time, yo).

Once we’re done, the younger ones go to bed and our two older kids hang out in Bella’s room with books or toys and quietly play til they’re bedtime. This is the time when Brian and I have our weekly “meeting”. We love our Sunday night meetings!

We pour some wine, snuggle up, and look at what’s coming this week.



Here are some of the things Brian and I cover during our Sunday night meetings:

What’s happening this coming week?

What does he need & how can I help him?

What do I need & how can he help me?

What’s going on with the business?

What’s going on with the kids schooling & acitivities?

Are there any phone calls that need to be made or emails that need to be sent?

When will we need to drive separate and tag team stuff?

When will we have quality family time?

Where do we want to go for our weekly date night?

What is he worried about?

What am I worried about?

It’s important to us that we are on the same page before life happens. I think this is one huge thing that really helps us respond to our life rather than reacting to it out of stress.

And that’s pretty much our Sundays!

Why This All Started

A few years ago, God really laid Proverbs 29:18 on my heart when I was seeking ways to get organized and run our family with intention.

Where there is no vision the people perish.
— Proverbs 29:18

Our Sundays (among lots of other things) were born out of my conviction from that verse.

Think about it - even if you’re not “of faith”, if you don’t look ahead and get some vision for where you’re headed, you’re going to flounder and probably fail, or at least struggle a lot. If we can avoid hardship, stress, tension, and a week full of yelling parents losing their minds, why wouldn’t we?

If you feel like your life is happening to your family and you'd like to pull it together, I totally get it and have been there. And you know what? I'll get there again. Because life is crazy and things ebb and flow and with that, you have to adjust. But I would encourage you to try choosing one day a week, even if it's not Sundays, to look ahead, plan a little, and prepare. 

You can do it, mama! I'm rooting for you!

Tools I use to plan our week:

Simplified Planner from Emily Ley

Google calendar