How to keep it simple & joyful in the season of STUFF.


with Allie Casazza, creator of Your Uncluttered Home

Thursday, November 29th at 11am PST
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In this FREE, LIVE webinar you will learn:

  • How to prepare your kids' toys and rooms for the holiday influx of stuff.

  • How to handle all the consumerism when all you want to do is simplify.

  • How to handle loved ones and all their giving without feeling like a total jerk.

  • What you can do AFTER Christmas morning to get back to simple.

  • How you can enjoy a "normal" holiday without totally ditching your minimalist goals. 

  • How to get your motherhood back beyond the holiday season & step into ABUNDANT LIFE!

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I can’t wait to hang out with you! I’ll have coffee in-hand (as always) and be ready to answer your questions LIVE after the core teaching is over.

I’ll also be ready to tell you all about my globally praised e-course Your Uncluttered Home and give you some special presents if you choose to enroll!

See you Thursday!

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