Thank you for stopping by my speaking page! I would love to be at your upcoming event. 

I am passionate about my fellow women, particularly other mamas of young kids, cats, and coffee. I'll go ahead and assume you want me to talk about the former. 

Please note that I do not have pre-planned topics for speaking engagements, as I will be praying over what God would have me say should you choose to have me. However, some of the things I enjoy sharing about are:

  • My story
  • The truth of Scripture as it applies to motherhood
  • The grace the Lord has for weary moms
  • Depression and PPD
  • Minimalism and motherhood

    However, I am certainly open to anything specific you would like, and will be in communication with you in the days leading up to your event.

If you fill out the request form below, I will get back to you quickly! I promise. 

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