Hi friends! It’s October so that means we’re doing #AllieReadsOctober in my little corner of the internet.

The purpose of doing this each year is for me to inspire and encourage you to read more often. Reading is such a gift. We take it for granted way too often, myself included. There have been times where women in other parts of the world were not allowed to read. I’m all about cultivating strength and community among women, and reading is an important part of that.

I want to draw attention to the books I’ve read through the year, have conversations with some of the authors, and really celebrate that we have the freedom to read. It’s such a great way to grow.

Throughout the month of October you’ll find new podcast episodes and blog posts linked here. 


Ep 122: #AllieReadsOctober “Stretched Too Thin” by Jessica Turner

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#AllieReadsOctober: What I Read This Year


Ep 121: #AllieReadsOctober "Rise of the Truth Teller" by Ashley Abercrombie


BLOG POST | Minimalism & Kids: Let's Talk About Books and Toy Story

#AllieReadsOctober 2018

Ep 75: Coffee + Questions with Allie (Book Month Edition)

Ep 76: Reviving Creativity in Yourself + Your Kids with Jenny Randle

Ep 77: Living Happy with Alli Worthington

Ep 78: Living Light In a World of Excess with Jen Hatmaker

Ep 79: Essentialism: The Key To a Life Lived On Purpose with Greg McKeown

Ep 80: Creating A Cozy Minimalist Home with Myquillyn Smith “The Nester”


Ep 81: Love in Action with Bob Goff