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Giving Back

A few years ago, I was working on turning my little hobby blog into a business. I wanted to do more - to start a movement among women everywhere. 

I prayed that God would help me take the right steps forward, and gave everything over to Him. Mothers from all over the globe began joining my community and experiencing the freedom of simplicity. It was record-breaking website growth, and it had zero to do with me. 

God laid something very specific and powerful on my heart. It was a sort of oath, a mission that I knew was to be kept in my heart as I worked, grew, and expanded my reach. 

I am using you to change the world twice - once with a message for mothers everywhere, and again with the revenue this business creates.

Those words rested on me - both heavy and freeing at the same time - and they haven’t left me since.

Women empowering women. That’s what this needed to be, in more ways than one.

The Mission



Many women around the globe still live in places that don’t offer them opportunities to gain independence. They are not taught trades, money management or economic empowerment.  They are left with little hope and little help.

This is why we need to stand together. By investing in them, we can help them lead healthy, confident lives that put an end to a needless cycle of poverty.


In Ethiopia, orphaned children that reach the age of 18 years are, by law, sent out from their orphanage. With no outside contacts or help. Young women find it especially challenging to survive in a poverty-stricken country.

Bete Hossana is a house where ten 18-year-old girls can be found laughing, learning, loved, and safe.


It’s a place where each girl is taught a trade that she can use to advance her future and sustain herself. Hunger is never an issue as she has food to eat and she is learning how to cook. She is learning to manage her finances so that she will be wise with money. It’s a home where she is not alone because she has ten sisters and a house mother looking out for her. Love abounds here and her heart is filled up with joy because she knows she is significant, she is seen, and she is a daughter of the King.


International Sanctuary gives jobs to survivors of human trafficking through their social enterprise, PURPOSE Jewelry. Survivors create beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry, as well as support the design, manufacturing, supply chain and distribution efforts.

However, economic empowerment is only the beginning. In their trauma-informed workplace communities, survivors for trusting, long term relationships and are able to grow in confidence and independence.

you are part of this


When you invest and you change your family, you’re changing the next generation. In purchasing that help to get you there, you’re also giving back. A portion of the proceeds from The Purpose Group, Inc. is given to the organizations featured above.