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Meet team Allie

These are the people who help make everything happen behind the scenes.

Allie 1

Allie Casazza

CEO & Founder

Allie is the creative visionary behind everything you see coming from Alliecasazza.com. She is the name, the face, and the heartbeat of what we do, and her heart beats for the other mamas of the world!

If you could snap your fingers and do anything, what would it be? 

I would sleep in, go to breakfast with Brian, then browse the local shops by myself.

What would you do on your perfect fun day and where would you go?

 I’d spend the rest of the day with the kids at home, reading books, talking and baking. And there would definitely be a nap involved!


Hayley Pandolph


Hayley is Allie's right hand man 😉 She is “the implementer”, turning Allie’s ideas into reality. She also oversees all of the business stuff so Allie is free to focus on creating new content and showing up for her community.

How do you take your coffee?  Coffee? I'll take whatever you give me. 

Who's your role model: Daren Lindley is my hero! Here's the highlight reel of things he's taught me: love people before productivity, to affirm someone before correcting them, and never lose sight of your vision! 

What would you do on your perfect fun day and where would you go?

I would hop on the buses at Disney World and hit every single resort. I like them more than the parks. Is that weird?

Ashley headshot for website

Ashley Spriggs


Ashley helps Allie snag the best guests in the world for her podcast on top of getting her amazing press opportunities. If Allie is speaking on a stage, appearing on TV, or talking into a microphone ... Ashley coordinated it.

How do you take your coffee? As basic as it comes … either an iced white mocha or iced cold brew.

Who's your role model: My husband, Jesus, and Christine Caine.

What would you do on your perfect fun day and where would you go? Roadtrip! I love exploring new places and new cities, coffee shops, and local stores.