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Hey, friend! I’m Allie.

I am super passionate about helping you lighten your load as a mom!

I've been online sharing my journey with minimalism and intentional, simplified living for the past six years.

I am wife to Brian (he was the kid who sat behind me in seventh grade algebra class) + mama to our herd of four tiny humans.

I spent the first four years of motherhood completely miserable and stuck in survival mode: overwhelmed, overworked, battling heavy depressions and barely scraping by in life.

Then, I found the light at the end of the tunnel. When I started simplifying and removing the unnecessary from my life, I was able to finally shake my depression for good, have more free time, actually enjoy playing with my kids, serve my family well and be the best, happiest, most fulfilled version of myself possible! 

Now I spend my free time helping my fellow women get to that same place in their lives.

I drink coffee like water (you probably think I’m kidding - think again!) and would eat cheeseburgers for each meal if I could. 

When I’m not chasing down kids or managing my business, I’m usually watching I Love Lucy reruns or at the gym trying to force myself to like running (I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen!).

I am really glad you're here. I believe you found me on purpose, not by accident, and I am always doing everything I can to encourage and inspire you. 

So, welcome!

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