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Ep 253: Connect to Your Brilliance + Your True Desires with Amina AlTai

Ep 252: The Emotional/Attached Child Type

Ep 251: My Kids Are Answering Your Questions About Kid Clutter

Ep 250: How to Find Fulfillment

Ep 249: How to Not Absorb Others’ Negativity

Ep 248: Let Go of the Pressure of the New Year

Ep 247: Take Back Your Time with Christy Wright

Ep 246: The Deep Inner Work That Comes with Decluttering

Favorite episodes

Ep 130: Sunday Night Prep: The Key to Purposeful Weeks

  Something I get asked about often is Sunday Night Prep or the Sunday Night […]

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BONUS 03: How “Enough” Lists Have Changed My Life

An enough list outlines what is enough in your life so that you can focus […]

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Ep 135: Simple Doesn’t Equal Small

I feel like a misconception that’s made about me is that I want a simple, […]

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