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Im such a better mom

My home is so much more calm and Im such a better mom after stripping everything down to the basics. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t come across you. So thank you.

The best thing I’ve come away with from all of it is the mindset shift I’ve needed. I’ve tried organizing and declutter blogs and books COUNTLESS times before, but there’s just something different about the way you motivate me to find my “why” and to just get the work done that has caused real change in my home. Your tips are so practical and have been like little lightbulb moments over and over!

little lightbulb moments over and over

Your words have saved me

I actually dropped to my knees and thanked the Lord for revealing you to me. Thank you for being you! I don’t even care if you see this, just had to get it off my heart. Your words have saved me, thank you.

It’s been almost two months since I listened to this, made changes and now our life is remarkably different. I spent years trying to change my five year old and it got to the point recently where his spirit (& our relationship) was broken. Making these changes in MYSELF is what did it for us. Thank you.

our life is remarkably different

He has been playing in there for HOURS

Just spent hours in my son’s room with him clearing out! And guess what? He has been playing in there for HOURS since!

I have to say, being a ruthless editor of what I allow to take up space in my home really has made hospitality so much easier. I don’t lose my cool frantically picking up a gazillion things because we just don’t have a gazillion things to pick up.

made hospitality so much easier

purpose, meaning, and impact

Now I see how the sometimes seemingly meaningless tasks, chores, and simple moments have the most purpose, meaning, and impact on me and my family! And that’s just a snippet of the things I have learned so far. So thank you, again, a million times over, for your compassion and all that you have given me!

I decluttered my house Allie style last September and now I’m doing a whole second round! It’s so amazing that A) I don’t miss a single thing we got rid of B) I’m ready to let go of so much more!

It’s so amazing

My mindset has been rubbing off on my daughter

I wanted to share an amazing thing with you. My mindset has been rubbing off on my daughter without even talking to her about it a lot. The other day I went into her room and she was purging her clothes (on her own). I asked her what she was doing and she said “I just feel like I have too many choices and it would be easier to dress in the mornings if I got rid of some of my clothes.” Thank you!!!

I have been caught up on laundry since starting Allie’s challenge in January. This is the first time in my life I haven’t had a laundry mountain! I was curiously optimistic, but nervous that it would inevitably return. I had my first big test this weekend. We returned from vacation Friday night. Between a week’s worth of laundry for five people and some bedding and it was down right depressing. I am thrilled to report that as of this afternoon, I am caught back up. I think this may stick for real!!

this may stick for real

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