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It's too late to sign up for the January 2021 challenge, but don't worry! You can download my fan-favorite Clear the Clutter Starter Kit for FREE!


I can still help you clear the clutter, reduce your stress, and make more time for what matters.

In our culture today, we've fallen into this status quo pattern where most people have homes that are full of clutter. Their closets, their spaces, their cupboards, their drawers are all overloaded with stuff.

We have this avoidance of making decisions, this issue with letting things go. But because not all of us have layers and layers of junk in our homes like on the show Hoarders, we think that we don’t really have a problem. We think that it's normal.

Maybe it is normal, but normal is status quo. And I don’t believe that any of us are here to live a status quo life. I think we all need to get a lot more intentional.

What takes up your physical space, by nature, takes up your time. 

The stuff that you’ve accumulated, that you don’t even really want, use, or need is stealing from you.

It's robbing you of mental space, clarity, energy, and time that you could be spending on yourself, your relationship, your kids, your family members, your friendships, your business, your work, and doing all the things that you'd enjoy but that you say you never have time for.


  • learn about what minimalism means to me (hint: it's not about white walls and limiting rules!)
  • narrow in on your WHY behind decluttering
  • declutter the two biggest time-sucks for moms: laundry and dishes
  • 15-minute projects for the busy mama
  • 20 things you can get rid of right now
  • 10 things you can declutter in 10 minutes



I host The Purpose Show, a chart-topping podcast all about pursuing a life focused on what matters. I'm a world-renowned mom inspirer and creator of online programs that help women take real action in their lives.  

I believe motherhood is much too sweet a time to spend struggling every day. That's not why we're here.  

I've been featured for my program, Your Uncluttered Home and my super-realistic philosophy of minimalism on popular media like Hallmark Home & Family, Good Morning America, The Today Show & The New York Times.  

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