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Ep 144: Permission to Be Your Real Self with Melissa Camara Wilkins

This is an incredibly important conversation. This topic is something that I have been really on a journey in, in myself, for the last three or four years. It’s really become something that I’ve known is needed for me. To be my true self, and to understand that people won’t be okay with that all the time, and that’s okay.

But how do you be your true self? Melissa Camara Wilkins is the author of Permission Granted and she does a beautiful job of answering this question and walking us through this. I’m so excited for you to listen in on this incredible conversation! 





In This Episode Allie and Melissa Discuss:

  • Feeling edited

  • Showing up as your authentic self

  • Negative feedback

  • Action steps for being your authentic self

Mentioned in this Episode:


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Hi friends! I’m so excited for you to listen in on this incredible conversation! This is the episode