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How I Got My Book Deal

In case you missed my live announcement on Instagram



⁣Things like this can sometimes seem like luck, so I’m sharing a few pieces of what led to this moment you’re seeing in that pic above (that’s the moment I signed my deal!).

Before I start, please know that I am sharing certain dollar amounts because I think it’s important for other business owners and hopeful authors out there. And I am passionate about normalizing wealth for women. I’m also passionate about normalizing success for moms! You don’t have to wait on your dreams until your kids are grown if you don’t want to 🙂

Also, as I venture into teaching business to other women with families, it’s important to me to be transparent. I view what I do as an example of what other women can also accomplish- and even more!

One final note: I realize that not everyone’s goals and desires are the same as mine. I realize that this is MY story, MY dream. I realize that it’s me who wanted to push hard and fight for something very specific, and very money related.

I’m certainly not saying that authors who go a more traditional route or accept book deals at a different phase than me are dumb. A book deal is a book deal, and a publisher won’t sink money into you unless they believe in your message!

But what I’m about to share with you is what felt right to me. I believe money is good, not evil. And I believe when good people make good money, they do great things. Like creating jobs for other people, like helping orphaned babies, like stopping sex trafficking and building safe houses for abused women. This is what I want to do, and if it’s not your vibe, that’s okay!

The Road to Authorship

In 1998, I was a kid who loved to read and loved writing my own versions of classic stories. I thought I could make the stories better and cooler, so I did just that in my little journals.

One day I read a book called The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and it changed my life.

I wanted to be just like the person who wrote this book and get paid to write words that changed people’s lives one day. I looked at the side of the book to see who made such an amazing thing happen – Harper Collins Publishers.

It stuck in my head for forever for some reason. I didn’t realize that I had just made a goal that would stay with me.

I still have the very same copy that inspired a life-long dream!

⁣In 2010 I started a blog. I began sharing my heart with the world via the written word, and was instantly smitten. I felt made to be a leader who empowers others.

In 2016 I decided that enough of being beneath the US poverty line was enough, and I turned that blog into a business

⁣I self-published a tiny little book that I was so proud of, but at launch, it didn’t even make enough for me to pay a utility bill. SO discouraging!

⁣I got back up and I kept going, following the tug in my gut to pursue this new thing called digital courses, and shelved my dream to be a published author.⁣

⁣In 2017, I got an email from a publisher I had never heard of offering me a book contract. The idea of getting to be published like I always wanted was so enticing!

They wanted to give me $5,000 and take ownership over so much of my intellectual property. I had ZERO pull in this potential deal, and I could feel that I would be owned by them if I took it. I didn’t like that. #enneagram8 ⁣

⁣A few months later, I got another offer from a semi-major publisher. They offered me double the money, but again, they wanted to take what was mine. The contract they sent over just did not feel good to me- my gut was screaming at me not to do this. ⁣

I had worked (and still was working) so deliberately on building a personal brand that people trusted and followed. Why should I take a few thousand dollars that will help my family for a little while, but not as much in the long run as I knew it could?

I decided that my business was safest in my own hands for now. I turned it down and kept pushing forward. I decided that I wanted to be published by a top 5 publisher (maybe Harper Collins or one of their divisions???).

I was going to wait to be published until I was in a position to not be taken advantage of.⁣

⁣I continued to work hard on my business. I felt like I was co-creating with God… I was so in tune with what my next right step was. It was like I was on fire and couldn’t stop growing this c