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Ep 256: How I Am Letting It Be Easy in Life Right Now


The ebb and flow of life can bring so many new challenges. For me and my family, going bi-costal was something that we knew we wanted to do, but there were so many things we saw standing in our way. If you’ve been listening to my podcast for while, you know that a principle of my life that I try to incorporate in every way possible is asking this simple question: How can I make this easier? You would be surprised how many times you find yourself in a situation of building up unnecessary stress where there could be ease. As you listen to today’s episode, I hope that you are challenged to try different ways of making life easy, because let’s face it… when life is easier and you are less stressed, you are the best mom, partner, friend, and version of yourself that you can be.




In this episode Allie discusses: 

  • How to make things easy
  • Finding simple ways to relieve pressure
  • How finding ease can make you the best version of yourself

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