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Ep 265: Bringing Enjoyment Into Your Daily Life


Lately I have been thinking A LOT about status quo. One of my biggest values is that I don’t want normal. I want to live different and at a higher frequency than normal offers. I don’t like monotony and the day to day life-tasks can feel like that.

But I have shifted my focus from getting through those routine things to finding ways I can bring joy and pleasure into those monotonous, normal daily things. I don’t want to treat life like a list of tasks anymore. I want to elevate the everyday. The energy I bring to the day to day elevates my life and gets me into the place I want my life to be.

This shift has me enjoying things I used to take for granted. And I want the same for YOU. So let’s make this shift together.

In this episode Allie discusses:

  • What living above “normal” or “status quo” really means
  • The importance of your energy in the day to day life moments
  • Simple ways you can change your environment to elevate those routine moments

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