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Ep 295: Cleaning Energy Blocks In Your Home

Clutter impacts your space and blocks energy. Blocked energy in your is reflected in your home, much of the time. And blocked energy is a side effect of negative energy flow. This is something I talk about A LOT! But recently, I started digging into Feng Shui – and while it isn’t something I fully resonate with, there are certain things that I feel aligned with. I want to share those parts I have been using within my own space and hopefully inspire you do the same with your home as you work through your clutter.

PS – This episode was set to air following episode 292 but it got pushed back a few weeks. So before you listen to this episode, head back a few weeks and tune into Episode 292 🙂

In this episode Allie discusses:

🤩 Things that clog the energy of your space

❓Why clutter brings stagnant energy into your home

🏠 The parts of Feng Shui she is using within her home and the impact it has had to the energy of her home

👏 How you can begin to clear energy blocks in your home and reset the energy of your space

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