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Ep 296: Happy Moms Do These 3 Things with Brittni Clarkson

Motherhood is meant to be JOYFUL but the reality is that isn’t always the first feeling moms admit that they feel. If you feel like you are drowning and overwhelmed … you are not alone and this conversation is for YOU. Brittni Clarkson is going to help you unblock your joy in 3 simple ways, and I know it is going to change the game for your motherhood and your life.

Brittni Clarkson is the creator of the Happy Mom Method, a course designed to help you transform your mom-life, unblock your joy & love the home you’ve hated. She is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and (most importantly!) a mama to 3 boys who is passionate about helping moms overcome the overwhelm and actually ENJOY MOTHERHOOD.

In this episode Allie + Brittni discuss:

🔓 Unlocking your joy and why that is SO important in motherhood

❌ Bad days at moms (we all have them, and they often spiral into bad weeks)

💛 The lowest moments in their motherhood story and how they took charge of it and shifted out of it

3️⃣ The top 3 things you can do every day to unlock your joy

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