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Episode 005: I Don’t Have A Capsule Wardrobe, and Here’s Why

I get asked about capsule wardrobes A LOT.

People watch my Instagram Stories or see photos of me on the blog and say things like, “I see you wearing lots of different things. It seems like you have a lot of clothes. How do you deal with that?” So, I just wanted to address it directly!

I am a person who loves getting dressed. I love clothes, my wardrobe and having options. Being creative in this way adds to my joy! For me, that is a part of an abundant life. Choosing my clothes each morning brings more joy into my daily life.

Let this episode be a message of freedom for you. Let this be permission to make minimalism work for you and bring you joy. Let this give you permission to let go of the junk that is just not serving you, that is holding you back, and taking up your time.

Let this be permission to have what brings you incredible joy and makes you love your life and your house more. I hope this makes sense and that this clears up some of your questions!




In this episode, Allie discusses:

  • What a capsule wardrobe is.

  • Allie’s journey from living with a minimal wardrobe to realizing how much joy clothes and putting outfits together brings her.

  • Minimalism doesn’t have to be suppressive.

  • What is your “WHY” behind wanting to be a minimalist? Answering this will help you determine if something brings joy to your life, or not.

  • How Allie and her husband decorate their home so that it feels cozy and modern.

  • Permission to have what brings you incredible joy and makes you love your life and your house more.

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