Episode 004: Positive Words for Your Children

Words can be an incredible way of bringing positivity into your life and the life of your children.

I’ve always been drawn to words. I can remember as a child and now as an adult looking back and realizing how special this was. I literally had a relationship with words. I’d make up stories. I’d take classic fairy tales and rewrite them into my own versions, I just loved being surrounded by words.

Words have always just been a really powerful passion in my life.

The other side of words are that they can slice deep, especially in marriage. Any flaw you have, is magnified 1000% in marriage. So, while words have been a crazy positive gift for me, they’ve also been a weakness.

Words have shaped some circumstances of my life, and in today’s episode I want to share a how effective words have been in changing the behavior of my children.



In this episode, Allie discusses:

  • The effect words have on you in both a positive and negative way.

  • How easy it is to complain and use negative words to describe things, and why it’s important to switch your words to the positive.

  • Why it is important to speak positive words over your children.

  • In the beginning it may be uncomfortable to speak positive words or scriptures over your children, but find a place or a way that works for you. Allie shares how she does it.

  • Changing the words that you speak to and over your children has the power to completely change their behavior.

  • Tips and suggestions on where to find positive affirmations and scriptures, and how you can store them on your phone.


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  1. Hey allie! This has really spoken to me today, and i have realised it is so needed in my family right now. Thankyou 💚

  2. There is nothing like the Lord’s timing! Yesterday I was in tears at 9:20am asking God for a solution to my boy Elijah’s horrendous behaviour. I’m feeling normal, refreshed and determined after hearing this podcast! Thank you x

  3. I have been trying to do this more often with my son. I was in tears listening because it’s exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow!! This spoke to me so much!!! I have 4 kids who were all born within 4 years. Some days I am so overwhelmed I catch myself being short with them or not loving enough. I also have a super head strong daughter that has kept me on my knees praying. This podcast had me in tears. I am so thankful for God’s unconditional love, mercy, and forgiveness especially during my short comings and failures as their mom.

  5. Thank you for this! I have a "Leland" myself and he is the smartest, most headstrong, mouthy, determined 4 year old. He will be every grey hair in my head lol. I have been trying to yell and spank less but it’s so hard. I’m going to start speaking these positive things over him and try this angle. You are awesome and I have listened to you for a while..thanks for what you do. You make such a difference

  6. Such a wonderful reminder of what we are called to do as Moms. Thank you for sharing and calling us to this truth. It had me in tears. I have 3 Little’s and if I don’t slow down and live intentionally I will get swept up in the busyness and forget my purpose as their mother. I’m loving all your podcasts, the course, and all your resources! You are a light Allie!

  7. Thank you so much Allie. I have been struggling with my attitude towards my kids (4 boys, age 7, 4, 2 and 7 months) for a while now, and the Lord has been revealing things to me that I need to change. First thing He showed me was that I need to depend on HIM and not myself to change. Second was that it is ME and my response. Third, it’s the words I say them. This podcast came at the right time for me to be open to receiving it. Thank you. (I am also trytrying ong to do the 30 day declutter like a Mother, which. is helping me with #2, my stress)
    I feel like you are a kindred soul, thank you so much.
    Mary B in Maryland

  8. My 8 year old daughter is our most independent, persistent, altruistic, sensitive, energetic child and my husband and I do a lot of teeth knashing over her and we’ve spoken, realistically, words of death over her in our frustration much of the time.
    She will grow up to shape the world and those around her, with a heart for Jesus, and in the midst of raising her twin brother, her 3 year old brother and her soon-to-be-born sister, I have finally figured this out and am course correcting this past year. I want to draw her out, enjoy her and watch her flourish instead of making her feel like a burden and drain on our family, like she doesn’t belong or fit. Such a great reminder of how the words we say over our children affect the way they perceive themself.

  9. This is one I need to save and listen to often. I sometimes hate the words that come out of my mouth when my son isn’t listening to me. Already this morning I tried this and it worked like a charm!

  10. I have been changing how I parent my children…Miles (8) and Norah (4)…to be more faith-filled and positive, holding my tongue, not yelling, praising their effort and celebrating them. I have embraced "you are a beautiful blessing to me and I am your lucky mama, thank you God for making you mine and me yours"!! Allie–your podcast and mission is so beautiful and is making a difference in my life. Continued blessings! Kelli Clancy @kelliclancy on instagram

  11. WOW. This is awesome. My mom life has been hard- I have a child with chronic health concerns, along with ADHD, high functioning autism, and sensory processing disorder- and I did not realize how negatively I had been speaking to myself about that and about him. This will be huge in turning my (and hopefully his) attitude around.

  12. Allie,
    This is spot on. I have been working on my words with my two born leaders (13 and 4). I bless them a lot and remind them that they are a blessing in my life ❤ God bless.
    Carla in MD

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