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Episode 003: How My Morning Ritual is Changing My Life

Having a morning ritual can completely change the flow of your day. Some morning rituals are all about productivity, getting things done before the kids wake-up, and others are more about self-care.

There is no right or wrong when you create your routine, it all depends on what season of life you’re in.

My morning ritual began when my husband was still working outside the home, as a way to build and grow my business. Since that time so much has changed in my life. I had a period of time where I’d jump out of bed and get started on my tasks for the day, but I’m at a point now where being able to deeply focus on myself and self-care will be more beneficial to my day.

Seasons change and good routines adapt to fit those changes!

One last note, I used to be a night owl, but I knew how much more purposeful my days would be if I began rising her earlier. It was a process, but it was worth putting the effort in to switch to a early bird. 




In this Episode, Allie discusses:

  • Tips on how Allie began her morning routine, and how it has shifted with the seasons of her life

  • The detailed morning routine Allie goes through each morning, to make her day more focused and purposeful

  • How Allie’s morning routine helps her overcome one of her biggest weaknesses

  • Ideas for ways to fit in more reading on a daily basis

  • Why taking action on your goals will leave a lasting impact on your life

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