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Episode 009: How We Keep Intimacy Alive & Well with 1,000 Kids (feat. Brian Casazza)

In this episode, Brian joins Allie to talk about how they remain so close and keep intimacy alive, even with one thousand children.

With February, the month of love, right around the corner, the topic will largely circle around love, intimacy and marriage. However, this particular episode comes from the many questions Allie receives from her followers.

People often ask how Allie and Brian remain to be so close and connected.

The biggest thing to remember is that in order to feel close and connected to your significant other, you have to stop putting your intimacy on the back burner, putting it off until after you care for your kids. You need to keep the fire burning all day long, so that when night arrives, you’re happy to spend time together.

(We’ll be discussing grown-up things in this episode, so be sure to pop your headphones in to listen.)




In This Episode, Allie discusses:

  • Intimacy is not all about sex.

  • Allie and Brian share the 5 steps they take to maintain the intimacy in their relationship.

  • Communicating your needs is important, but you must share those needs in a productive manner versus being combative.

  • Quick tips for scheduling intimacy into the day-to-day.

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