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EP 029: Overcoming Debilitating Perfectionism ft. Jordan Dooley

Perfectionism is something we all face at one time or another. As women, we take on this pressure to be the best at whatever do. We want to be the best at cleaning or cooking. We want to be the best athlete or entrepreneur. We want to be the best mom. We simply want to be the best and become perfectionists in the process. Jordan Dooley is a recovering perfectionist who is passionate about sharing her story of redemption. She is a full of wisdom when it comes to overcoming perfectionism and I hope you are encouraged by all she has to share on this episode.




In This Episode, Allie + Jordan Discuss:

  • How to live from a place of purpose instead of perfectionism.

  • The importance of focusing on the purpose behind what you do instead of placing unrealistic expectations on what you do.  

  • Ways to realize when you are acting out of fear instead of purpose.  

  • 3 practical steps to putting perfectionism to rest.

Mentioned in this Episode:




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