EP 076: Reviving Creativity in Yourself + Your Kids with Jenny Randle

October 3, 2018

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A book can teach you something new. It can inspire you to make positive changes in your life and can take you to a different level in your life. Reading is so important to me which is why I am excited for Allie Reads October here on the podcast! All month I am interviewing some amazing authors. We will talk about their books, life, and living a life of purpose and intention.

Jenny Randle, author of Courageous Creative, is on the show to chat all things creative. From embracing your own creativity to cultivating and encouraging creativity in your kids. Because when we are walking in a healthy creative identity, we’re able to influence others!

Use the hashtag #AllieReadsOctober to share with me this month. What are you reading? Did you get any of the books from the authors I’m talking to you about? Are you reading a different book? How are you taking this challenge to read more and putting it into action? I cannot wait to see what you share!




In This Episode Allie + Jenny Discuss:

  • What creative identity is and what it looks like to fully understand it, in yourself and your kids.  

  • Ways you can cultivate your kids creativity and help them find their own creative identity.

  • Things that will help you overcome the fear of walking in your creativity.

  • Why it is important that you speak life into your kids creativity, even if it seems crazy.

Mentioned in this Episode:

It’s giveaway time! Jenny’s book, Courageous Creative, is incredible and I am SO excited to gift it to one of you. Head over to The Purpose Show Facebook Community for your chance to win! I cannot want to connect with you this month on all things book related. #AllieReadsOctober


Mom life. We are surrounded with the message that it’s the tired life. The no-time-for-myself life. The hard life. And while it is hard and full of lots of servitude, the idea that motherhood means a joyless life is something I am passionate about putting a stop to. I’m on a mission to help you stop counting down the minutes till bedtime, at least most days. I want you to stop cleaning up after your kid’s childhood and start being present for it. Start enjoying it. I believe in John 10:10 “that we are called to abundant life” and I know mothers are not excluded from that promise. Join me in conversations about simplicity, minimalism and lots of other good stuff that leads to a life of less for the sake of enjoying more in your motherhood. I’m Allie Casazza and this is The Purpose Show.


Hey, sweet friends! I’m so happy that October is finally here! For months I have been planning and dreaming this up for you and I’m so happy to finally unveil what it is I’ve been working on!

This month, October, is all about reading. We’re calling it “Allie Reads October,” and the purpose behind this is for me to inspire and encourage you to read more often. Reading is such a gift. We take it for granted way too often, myself included, but reading is powerful. You literally have a whole new life in your hands when you read a book.

A book can teach you something new. It can inspire you to make positive changes in your life and can take you to a different level in your life. Reading is so important. I read all the time and I wish that I would have started sooner and so I’m taking that passion of mine and turning it into Allie Reads October. Every October here on The Purpose Show, we are turning it into author central.

I’m interviewing some amazing authors this month and we’re talking about their books and I want to see you use this Hashtag. I’m going to be checking it every single day on Facebook and Instagram and I want you to use it. #alliereadsoctober.

Share with me. What are you reading? Did you get any of the books from the authors I’m talking to you about? Are you reading a different book? How are you taking this challenge to read more and putting it into action?

Let’s celebrate this month October! Allie Reads October. We’re going to talk about authors and books and encourage each other to read more books.

I encourage you to get other people involved in this. Get your kids involved. Encourage them, read with them, next to them or to them, or have them read in their own quiet time. Share this with your friends. Let’s encourage each other to get better equipped to live an intentional life by reading more.


Hi, beautiful friends! I am so looking forward to bringing today’s guest onto the show. Before she comes on, I just wanted to give an intro to her. Jenny Randle is one of my favorite people in my life. I just adore her. She’s so hilarious. We laugh so much together, which you’ll be seeing that in the interview. She’s just an amazing human being. She really inspires me. She’s a mom and a wife. She’s an author. She’s an Emmy Award winning video editor. She works with me. She’s on my team and she handles all the Facebook, Pinterest, Facebook Ads, analytics and all of this backend stuff that is so over my head and so overwhelming for me. She’s one of the best workers I’ve ever come in contact with. I love her and she and her husband Matt both do work with me and for me and I just love them so much.

Jenny is an amazing author as well. She is the author of Courageous Creative and that’s what I am having her on the show to talk about. She really teaches how to be creative, how to come into your own creativity in a beautiful way. I think a lot of the time in our lives we lose the creative spirit that we were born with and we are all designed to be creative in some way or another.

Jenny and I are going to talk about the stereotypical ways of being creative, like being an artist, being a singer or being a writer are only one small aspect of creativity. There are millions of other ways to be creative that you’re just not seeing and how to cultivate your own creativity.

We’re also going to be talking about how to cultivate creativity in your kids and how to make them different and not raise them to be like the average person who’s creativity totally kind of fizzles out after age 10, which is so sad to me.

We’re having lots of good discussions. I ask Jenny some pretty raw questions about my own kids and my own self. I’m sharing some things that were said to me, things that happened to me that kind of just stifled my own creativity and how I’m overcoming that. I’ve been really inspired to come back into that in different ways. It’s just a really good inspiring conversation. So, I’m so excited to welcome Jenny to the show. Let’s dive in.

ALLIE: Hey guys! Welcome! I’m here with Jenny Randall. Say Hi Jenny.


ALLIE: Jenny is many things. She is an Emmy winning video editor, which I feel like we should talk about that for a second and she’s also… How do I describe you? You are my social media, Facebook Ads, Facebook everything extraordinary. You’re amazing.

JENNY: I’ll take that. That’s a good description.

ALLIE: Yes. So how’s it going?

JENNY: It’s going good. I feel like we’re just two gals chit-chatting away.

ALLIE: Yeah, totally. And it’s weird to be not talking about Facebook ads with you.

JENNY: I know. I’m like, “There’s so many things I need to discuss with you.” I’m kidding. Let’s discuss creativity.

ALLIE: Let’s do this. So yeah, that’s what we’re here to talk about today. I want to talk with you about being creative as a woman, being creative with your kids, encouraging your kids to be creative and I feel like a great place to start is this page that I dog-eared in your book which comes out today.

JENNY: Yeah. I’m so excited!

ALLIE: Comes out today, at the time people are listening. This is really awkward because it’s May right now.

JENNY: Yeah. So yeah, I can’t wait. It’s weird to think about that this is going to be launching the same day the book launches.

ALLIE: So. Yeah. And the thing that you’re working on so much is actually going to come out and be in people’s hands. It’s exciting.

So in your book, Courageous Creative, you basically talk about the premise being that when you’re a child you’re uninhibited, your creative naturally, we’re all born really creative in one way or another, or lots of ways. Then as you grow up (I want to say the chart that you showed in your book said around age 10), it significantly drops, which makes me so sad. I mean really it breaks my heart because it’s true. And then as an adult it goes down to 2%. The average adult is 2% creative or something like that. Most people are not working in something that aligns with how they’re creative, so the bulk of their time is not being spent really doing something that they were made to do.

How did you come across being passionate about that and what made you want to write this book?

JENNY: When I saw that study it said 4 & 5-year-olds are 98 percentile, genius-level creatives. My kids were that age when I discovered the study and I could see that in them. Then to see that it went down to 2%. Like you’re saying, it broke my heart. As I was studying creativity and praying through it and figuring out what is that gap, I figured out that it’s things like sin, shame, guilt, pain, fear, comparison, people-pleasing, all these different things, rules and regulations in school. All these different things stifle that creative nature that we’re supposed to be walking out. So, it’s now my mission to help people get that back so they can let their light shine.

Because I think when we’re walking in healthy creative identity, we’re able to influence others in whatever sphere of influence we’re in. I think that’s one of the most important things we can really get a grasp on is understanding our creative identity. So that’s why I’m here.

ALLIE: Yeah, for sure. And you do such a great job. The book is divided into all these different sections, breaking it down how God created us and He is creative. I like how you say God basically makes stuff. We’re made in His image and He created us to be that way as well. Everybody’s good at something. I like how you bring it all in. There’s different sections for different types of creativity, but you’re not segmenting it to, “Oh, if you’re an artist, here’s an assignment, work on your creativity. If you’re a writer, here’s your assignment.” You encourage the reader to do all of them.

And I even noticed that some of them are intertwined. I jumped to the writing section even though I think in the beginning you said not to – sorry! I jumped to the writing section and there was something about drawing. Just kind of express yourself. What are you feeling? What’s going on and draw it out. Doodle. Go ahead and just start writing words, whatever it is. And that is what this book does. It opens up your mind to just the creative flow and stepping outside of yourself and what it normally looks like.

So can you give us a little bit of an idea of what that looks like for you? How do you express your creativity? How do you get outside of that box for yourself and do your thing?

JENNY: Yeah. Well this past weekend I spoke at a retreat called Camp Create. It was like you go and you make crafts and you do painting and you do things with your hands, which I am so not. I’m in the computer. Let me design something or let me write something. I left being so fueled and filled up by just being intentional to paint and do something that I’m horrible at. It sparked something inside of me that made me want to even do it more and cultivate that. I’m not saying I’m going to be the next expert painter, but when you work on the different areas, even the ones that you think you’re horrible at, I think it spills over and it can inspire you to kind of take on something else.

ALLIE: When I was looking at your book and reading, especially certain parts…I always enjoyed expressing myself through writing the most out of everything. But I used to want to sketch and draw in my free time as a kid. And along the way I got the impression that I wasn’t very good at it from other people and I stopped. It was just dumb little things. I would just sketch Ariel or something, whatever movie I was into. I was super little. I still have those sketchbooks and when I look back at them I get really sad. Kids pick up on stuff. No one was ever like, “You’re the worst!”

JENNY: This is the moment and we are going to go there. That makes me really sad for you because you had a passion, you had a gifting. You felt comfortable doing it and someone basically spoke death to your dream. That makes me so sad. I met this actor dude who wanted to be an actor and his dad’s like, “Why would you act? Actors are a dime-a-dozen.” He said that to him. And a lot of times people are parents. We have to be so intentional not to speak death to our kids’ dreams or anybody. So how are we going to get through that Allie?

ALLIE: Well, that’s why I wanted to bring up. This was such a God thing because, before I knew that you were coming out with this new book, this new version of it, I had purchased a painting from Lindsey Letters. I saw it online and I remember feeling something. Not to sound dramatic or super hipster, but I instantly connected with it and loved it. I purchased it. It sits on my mantle, and every day I see it in the main room of the house. Every day I think “I really want to do that. I wish I could do that.” But then I remember…

Side Note: The same thing happened to me with singing. I used to sing on the Worship Team and one time this co-singer said something to me that I wasn’t as good. Because I’m competitive and have a need to be the best, it really affected me.

I felt the same way with the painting thing and just art in general. My daughter, Bella, is incredibly creative, artistic and very good at art. So I feel like this is for other people, not for me.

I was thinking about it the other day since I’ve been looking through your book again and just thinking like that is so dumb. I’m done. I don’t want to do it anymore. And so, I put it on my to do list for the next time I’m by Hobby Lobby to get a canvas and some paints and just have at it.

JENNY: Yeah. That’s so good. Yeah. I always like to teach people whatever makes your soul come alive. Like you’re saying, you were connecting to those things. Whatever speaks to you, I think we have to pursue that. I always like to ask people, “What did you love doing as a child?” Because a lot of the times you’ll still love doing it. You just have to be intentional to cultivate it, keep after it, and pray. Ask God, “Okay, is there anything that’s holding me back in this area?”  

And Allie, you don’t have to be the best at it. You can do it and bring God glory and just have fun and embrace that child-like wonder of just creating and going in that space. Which makes me want to ask you, do you want to sing us a song?

ALLIE: I don’t. I had to go to the dentist really early this morning and there was a spider in my office – I don’t like spiders. Spider in my office and the dentist. I cannot. I was so anxious, so I put on that one song by Keane, Somewhere Only We Know. He really belts it out at the end. But I sang at the top of my lungs and totally soothed myself, because I am super creative. We all are, but I am aware of it and kind of tapped into it at least a little bit but I only stick to what I know or at least I feel confident that I’m really good at it or one of the best.

I feel confident with writing and expressing. Getting a point across really powerfully. That’s what I do. That’s it. But why can’t I sing? Why can’t I paint? Why can’t I draw? Why can’t I learn and express myself? It’s silly.

I think even if you’re not competitive and you’re not coming from the same heart issues, for lack of a better term, that I am with competition, I think we all feel like we can’t do something creative that we used to do in some ways.

JENNY: I think in that insecurity though, we’re giving God space to show up and find our security in Him. I know it might be dumb, but being like, “Okay, God, help me paint and be able to fully express myself. The other day at church there was a girl that was twirling down the aisle during worship and just so free. When we have that moment of freely expressing ourselves and not feeling shame over who’s watching me or who’s judging me, when you can come to that moment of fully expressing yourself and feeling comfortable in it, I think that’s huge.

ALLIE: Yeah. I love that. And I think what a form of worship, too, to be fully expressing and it doesn’t matter. No one has to really see it if you don’t want them to, but just expressing yourself to your creator I think is really powerful and that’s the thing that I see in your book.


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ALLIE: So talk to me about with your kids, because one feeling that I felt when going through your book was this excited panic, I guess, of just they’re so little and Bella’s 9, so she’s kind of close to that age. She’s so creative. I think with homeschooling especially we have time to cultivate that a lot, but I don’t know…what about the kids that don’t really seem to stand out as super creative in one way or another? What would you say to that?

JENNY: Well I think it’s how you view creativity. The most simple definition, we kind of touched on it earlier, is just the act of making stuff. So, if you view creativity like that, maybe your kids are really good at making decisions and you can cultivate that in them. Or they’re more engineer, tech-minded, cultivating that. I think it’s finding where they are thriving and being super intentional not to stifle it.

ALLIE: Yeah, I love that. And that’s really straightforward and simple. It’s not complicated to do that.

JENNY:  There was this one lady at preschool pickup who was like, “Oh, I hear you teach on creativity?” “Yeah,” I said.  And then she’s like, “I’m just not creative.” I just wanted to punch her in the face because it’s like, “Okay, well…lesson one. Yes, you are.” And then we started talking. She has her own business. She coaches people on fitness. I’m just sitting here thinking, “You don’t know what creativity is.” I think it’s having that broader view of understanding how we can express ourselves.

ALLIE: Yeah, because when I think about what creativity looks like, I immediately think of Bella and her painting, writing, being super artsy, wearing slightly off-the-shoulder loose tunics with tattoos and being in your house with your succulents – just expressing yourself.

That was a really good description. That is detailed and I want to say that I’m really proud of how I described a creative person.

JENNY: That was amazing. That’s awesome. And that’s how it is.

ALLIE: But you think those types of expressive creativity only. But really, being business savvy is expressed as creative and is an expression. Marketing – that’s something that I love and feel like I’m really good at and I love expressing my heart for my business through that. There’s other things that are not stereotypically creative, I guess.

JENNY: Right. Creativity to me isn’t just painting. It could be how are you parenting your kids in a creative way? When you need to discipline them, “Okay, this isn’t working, what else can I do?” You know? I think it’s viewing it like that and asking God for wisdom.

There’s so many stories in the Bible when God would be like, “Do it this way!” Speaking wisdom and being open to that creative correction is huge.

ALLIE: Yeah, for sure. And also, that’s another huge weight off of us as parents – to know that there’s room to be creative. You don’t have to read the parenting books and do it exactly that way. If it’s not working for your kids and there’s something wrong with them or with you that you can take a step back. Be creative and find a way that works just for you guys.

JENNY: Yeah. Yeah. I went through a season of finding myself because I was so exhausted saying “no” to a lot of the things my kids wanted to do. Then one day they were like, “Will you get the fan down. And I’m like, “No, I’m not going to get the fan down.” And then I walked into the playroom and they had created this massive zoo truck, a truck that was going to go to the zoo. They rearranged all the furniture and because I did not get the fan down, they did not have an engine. I saw it and I’m in the midst of writing my book on creativity. And I was like, “Oh my gosh, I am putting regulations on you like no one’s business.” So, I said I was sorry. I got the fan down and they kept playing.

Seeing that process of me saying “no, no, no” just because I was tired, it was so dumb. I was so mad at myself. I think it’s always being self-aware and asking God like, “Okay, what’s holding me back from my creativity and how can I change that? And then obviously looking to Him for strength and doing that.

ALLIE: Yeah, for sure. I didn’t want to have prepared questions for this because I just wanted the conversation to flow and be creative, so I am bouncing back and forth a bit.

What happened with me and the art thing and the singing thing, I am sure that story mirrors everybody listening in some way, big or small. So, coming out of that fear of “I’m just not good at this, so I don’t want to do it,”what are maybe some inner scripts or something that you could give to overcome that and walk ourselves through getting started with what that thing is for us again?

JENNY: That’s a good question. Do you know the story of Moses when he’s called? There’s a burning bush and God said, “Go free the people!” and then he makes five excuses. Basically he says, “I’m not good enough. I’m not talented enough. Who am I?” All these different things. And God says, “I am who I am.” And He’s not being like, “Moses, you’re so amazing!” He just turns it back on him. I think when we can flip those lies that we’re holding onto, turn it back to God and be like, “Okay, well God’s put this desire on my heart. I might as well go after it and see what happens.” Because honestly it’s not really about you pursuing that thing, it’s more just finding freedom. If you look at the bigger picture, obviously there’s wounds there if there’s something holding you back from doing something you feel passionate about. It’s really pressing in and seeking Christ in that and learning how to overcome it and then just doing it. Just take a risk and do it and if it’s so uncomfortable then just do it a little less and work your way up, you know?

ALLIE: Yeah, for sure. I’m really going to take action on what was happening with the painting thing and really push myself to do that, but I think it wouldn’t be super difficult or painful or anything. It would be freeing to put to rest that inner voice and just be like, “Who cares? I’m going to do this.”

JENNY: I bet you’ll surprise yourself with how great you can do at it.

ALLIE: I’m going to be the best painter.

JENNY: You are going to be the best painter. Let’s just sell your artwork. Make a new shop, new business. But I think too, there’s a reason you’re passionate about that and who knows what else that would unleash in you, you know? It’s just being faithful to what God calls you to right now in this moment. And if you feel like, “Okay, I want to try painting” just do that and see what happens. It’s going to be fun.

ALLIE: Yeah, for sure. And it’s one of those things that has always come up. It will always come back to me my whole life and I just always thought like, “Sucks that I suck at that” and it’s so dumb. It’s just so dumb.

I think too as parents, it really shows what awaits those kinds of…like nobody “said” that to me. It was body language, a facial expression. I was seemingly annoying to want to be putting my time into that. It just seemed like okay, I’m getting a vibe here.

And it’s so crazy how that is the power that we have, flipping it around to my kids now and I totally relate to your fan story. I did this on purpose. That’s the whole thing behind having less toys, minimalism, an intentional space that cultivates their imaginations and constructive play. Bella is extremely imaginative, very creative and Leland is very strategic, has that engineering mind like you said earlier. And the other two are just there because they’re just really young. They make up these big things. And they ask me for something and I’m like, “I guess.” I cultivated this and then you just get so irritated and that is the kind of stuff that gives the message I think that creativity is immature and there’s no place for it as you get older.

JENNY: I look back at growing up and my parents provided me with resources and tools and video cameras and I’m like “I’m moving to Hollywood!” I was in New York and they never were like, “No, I don’t think you should do that.” As crazy as that dream sounded, they always spoke life into it. That’s the type of parent I want to be. I’m getting emotional talking about it because their ability to empower me to do that changed my whole world, you know? Our job as parents is to disciple and foster our kids in the areas that they feel called to do and speak life over them.

ALLIE: Yeah, for sure. I love that. As parents, how can we seek out what our kids are good at, especially if it’s not an obvious creative like art or building or whatever? And I don’t mind saying this on the show, but specifically Hudson, he’s 5 (6 at the time this comes out) and he is like Brian. He is very sweet and always putting everyone else ahead.

For example, for his birthday, his favorite cake is lemon and he said “I don’t really want lemon though because not a lot of people like lemon, so I’m going to get chocolate because everybody seems to like chocolate.” He is very pleasing and he is a “prop” in his siblings’ play like all the time. It’s hard for me to find what is your thing? What is going to be your thing so I can cultivate that? There really is no middle child right now, but he falls into that stereotypical role, being tossed back and forth, and he’s happy to play with them.

But how can we, for anyone listening that kind of relates to that or has a kid like this that’s not so obvious like Bella’s painting things and all of this stuff, how do you exactly seek that out? How can you take a step back and watch for that and cultivate the little things if you do see something?

JENNY: Well I always say we can be self-aware through prayer. So I think it’s asking God to reveal to you or to highlight things to you when you notice him playing in a certain way. You can already tell he’s really compassionate so maybe it’s even serving your community and taking him with you to a homeless shelter or doing something to cultivate that in him. My son’s the same way and that is something that I really want to cultivate, especially in a male. I don’t want that to go away. So being intentional in that and praying about it.

But also exposing him to a bunch of different things and then seeing what he connects to. I think it’ll come when he finds it, right? Like my Zoe loves dancing, but we signed her up for dance at 2 and she had a breakdown every time. Now she’s 4 and she’s awesome.

It just takes time to feel comfortable in that space for them to express themselves. So he’ll show it soon.

ALLIE: Yeah, yeah, for sure. And I think it is just kind of the way it goes a little bit for a middle child. They want to be with their siblings so they go and do what they’re doing and they’re not really thinking about, well what is my thing? He’s 5.

JENNY: Yeah. Well my daughter will copy everything her older brother says to the point where she’ll be like “Is Max eating his lollipop right now?” And I’m like, “I don’t know, use your brain, you have freedom my child.”

ALLIE: I love that though. That was really practical. Yeah. Very actionable. Which is helpful when it feels like a big weight. I don’t want to mess them up. I don’t want to mess up their creativity. I don’t want to stifle it. I want to encourage it. That’s a big thing to say and it’s hard to do.

JENNY: Yeah. It’s just noticing it. Like the one character trait you mentioned, you can foster that. You’ve noticed that he’s compassionate and kind. So figuring out ways to strengthen that in him and then maybe from that other things will come out. Maybe he’ll like writing a story for a certain type of person or…

ALLIE: Yeah, totally. You give a lot of easy action steps and hope even just the way you talk about it and it’s very relaxing, I guess.

JENNY: Welcome to The Spa! Spa Jenny!

I do want to say the goal of the book is to help people cultivate their creativity. Whenever I do speaking or talking, the whole goal is to have people take action, so that is what is in the book, so I’m really going to put you on the spot right now because this is fun, but will you cultivate your creativity live on your podcast? I feel it happening. Will you just freestyle rap for us please? I feel like this is your moment and you’re going to be so good at it. I’m going to give you a topic…

ALLIE: Do not make me rap. I’m not going to rap. I do not feel creatively inspired to rap.

JENNY: What if I gave you a beat? That’ll inspire you!

ALLIE:  I am going to freak out. {laughing}

JENNY: Listen, I did this at a church event and I accidentally called it a freestyle battle, which is totally different and people were like, “Am I supposed to do ‘your mama’ jokes and make fun of people?” And then I had to be like, “No, no. Keep it clean.” And then it was fine. Well, why don’t you do that? That’ll really set people free.

ALLIE: I just feel really creatively inspired when I’m making people feel terrible about this. {laughing}

What I am going to do is I’m going to go today and get stuff to paint and I will send it to you.

JENNY: Okay, that’s fine. That’s fine. I mean, if any of the listeners want to do a freestyle rap, just send them to Allie. She’s gonna love it.

ALLIE: Send them to me on my Instagram DM and I will open them all.

JENNY: Maybe that’ll inspire you, their freedom of expression.

ALLIE: Oh my gosh. Okay. So Courageous Creative is out as of the date of this episode. And so where can people find you and connect with you more about that?

JENNY: I love going on Instagram. I’m on Facebook. My website,

ALLIE: And you can get the book anywhere books are sold, right?

JENNY: Oh my gosh. I’ve been so excited to say that. Yeah. Anywhere books are sold!

ALLIE: I should’ve let you say it.

Okay. Well guys, if you want to be encouraged as a creative, even if you think you’re not creative and also have a great handbook for (there’s like so many highlighted things in my mind) raising creative kids, encouraging your kids to be creative, especially from a biblical perspective. It’s really about how God created us to be this way. It’s empowering, I think. It is biblical, but it’s really empowering to see that that’s biblical, if that makes sense, and this is how we’re created. It makes you come alive and get excited about it.

It’s a really good book. Definitely something that I want to have on hand to raise my kids to just be expressive, be creative and be who they were made to be. So, we’ll link to Jenny’s Instagram and all that good stuff in the show notes as well as the link to the book.

Thank you so much for chatting with us today. This is an important subject and I really liked talking with you.

JENNY: Thanks for having me on!


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I am always rooting for you, friend!

See ya next time!

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