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BONUS: Stress is Killing Your Hormonal Balance (& What to Do About It!) with Dr. Heather Rhodes

I’m bringing back a special guest today, Dr. Heather Rhodes! We recorded an episode a few months ago about hormone health and it was one of the most downloaded episodes that we have ever produced of The Purpose Show.

So, I brought her back for another episode! We’re talking about hormones again, but we’re really focusing on stress—what stress does to you, the effect it’s having on your hormones, and what do you do about it? Dr. Rhodes is a well of knowledge and this episode is so, so good! Let’s jump in! 





In This Episode Allie and Heather Discuss:

  • The problem of stress and why it even matters

  • Things that raise cortisol levels

  • Supporting your body through the process of shifting cortisol levels

  • Daily de-stress rhythms

  • Why you should ditch your scale

  • Intuitive living

Mentioned in this Episode:


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Hello my friends! I’m so excited to be bringing back a guest today! Dr. Heather Rhodes is here with us again. We recorded an episode a few months ago about hormone health. Her expertise is women’s health—hormonal balance, hormone health—and she has been such a huge help for me in dealing with my polycystic ovary syndrome, my hormone imbalance. 

She came on and recorded an episode with me. We actually recorded the episode live. 

We went live in The Purpose Show community on Facebook, which if you’re not there, RUN! It is one of the happiest, most inspiring places on the internet. 

That’s the community’s words, not mine. It’s just the place to be! We talk about the episodes and we take action on the episodes together. It’s a tribe and you’ve gotta be a part of it.

In that community we went live and she was taking questions from the audience. It was so good! That is one of the most downloaded episodes that we have ever produced here on The Purpose Show. 

She is a well of knowledge and you just don’t want to let her go. You want to keep asking her questions because you want to be healthy. And hormones are confusing. Being a woman is confusing! And she’s brilliant! 

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