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Ep 130: Sunday Night Prep: The Key to Purposeful Weeks

December 4, 2019

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Something I get asked about often is Sunday Night Prep or the Sunday Night Reset. It’s something that Brian and I started years ago and I’ve talked about it before on my blog.

I believe it is such an important and life-changing practice. It’s essentially a way to look ahead at the week and be responsive, not reactive. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” If you don’t look ahead and know where you’re going, you’re not going to make it there.

So, my encouragement to you is to really listen to what I’m saying in this episode. Really challenge yourself to lean in and check in with yourself, your spouse, and your family once a week. I promise it will change the way you are doing life. Let’s jump in!


In This Episode Allie Discusses:

  • The reason for Sunday Night Prep

  • The benefit of Sunday Night Prep

  • The questions she and Brian ask to check in with each other

  • The questions she and Brian ask the kids to check in with them

  • Setting the intent for the week

  • Meal Planning for the week

Mentioned in this Episode:


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Hey friends! Welcome to The Purpose Show! Today’s episode is all about Sunday Night Prep. You might’ve read something about that, heard me talk about it a couple times before in the past, or maybe it’s totally new to you. Either way, get ready. Buckle up because this is seriously life-changing!

It’s something that Brian and I started years ago and I’ve been kind of talking about it, especially on my blog. But I went to go live on my Facebook page recently and I noticed that it has never actually been recorded as an episode. I turned on my microphone while I was going live and I recorded an episode all about Sunday night prep. So, you will hear me saying, “Hi” to some of the beautiful women who hung out live with me. I’m all about multi-purposing and killing two birds with one stone because I’m a mom, I’m busy, I own a business and that’s just what I need to do.

This content is going to change your life. Especially if you take action on it.

Side note: I might sound a little breathless in this episode because I have just gone for a massive walk. I walked three miles, then I came in and started recording and I didn’t fully calm down and catch my breath again. Plus, I get really excited about Sunday night prep. So, if you notice that, that’s why and it’s fine.

Anyway, I hope you find this super helpful. My encouragement to you in this is to really listen to what I’m saying. Really challenge yourself to lean in and check in with yourself, your spouse (if you’re married), and your family once a week and it will change the way you are doing life.

Also, super important: I’m giving you guys a PDF that goes along with what I’m teaching you today. It’s pulled straight out of my program Unburdened. I’m giving it to you for free. This used to be sold for $50 along with the audio lesson. I’m pulling it out and giving it to you guys for free because I love you and I want to help you.

If this episode helps you, this is literally what Unburdened is like for every area of your life. It’s simplicity, and a minimalistic approach to doing life. It’s making decisions, having rhythms and routines in your morning, your afternoon, your evening. It’s how to structure your schedule and how to fit little tweaks into your week that make all the difference and make life way easier. If you want to get on the waitlist for that program (because it’s not open right now; I don’t think it’s opening for at least four or five more months) go to and you can get on the waitlist.

To get the PDF that goes with the lesson that I’m teaching you in this episode for free—the one that’s normally paid—you can go to the show notes for this episode and snag that. All right, enjoy!

Hello everybody! Thanks for hanging out with me and watching this! My name is Allie Casazza. I am a mom of four and I help overwhelmed women simplify their homes, their schedules, and their lives so they have less stress and more mental space and time to focus on what really matters to them. Whether that is just your family, or also a business, hobbies, or whatever it is you want more time for.

I help you create that by simplifying your life because I think that it all gets so overcomplicated and it doesn’t need to be that way. We have so much more control than we give ourselves credit for. I create tools, resources, videos, and all kinds of things to help you simplify your life, feel better and walk in that freedom.

Today I actually have my microphone right here and I am recording a podcast episode as I’m talking to you. You guys are getting a sneak peek of an episode that I think is not coming out until December. Pretty cool!

I also want to give you guys the opportunity here on Facebook to engage with me. Talk to me. As I’m talking about this, please, if you have a question and I’m not going to answer it in the content that I have planned, type it and I will answer it so you can essentially help me form this episode.

I really wanted to hang out with you guys. I really wanted to give this episode early to you guys. I love doing fun things like this with my community, engaging with you, hanging out with you, talking with you and hearing from you. So yeah, that’s what we’re going to do today.

I’ve talked about what I call ‘Sunday Night Prep’ or ‘Sunday Night Reset’ a lot, especially on my blog. I’ve done it in some live streams but it’s really only been live streams that have expired or on my blog. I’ve actually never done a podcast episode about it before, and I noticed that the other day when I was planning December’s episodes. I thought that was pretty crazy because it’s one of the centric philosophies of what I’m here to help you guys do and what I teach. So, we’re gonna fix that and make it an official episode.

Hi guys! Welcome!

Jessica says, “What is your podcast schedule nowadays?” 

You probably already know that episodes come out on Wednesdays, so there’s a new episode today and it’s really good. It’s with Kendra. It’s always fun when we get together.

But, basically I plan my podcast content two months ahead and then even further ahead if I need to. I’m already planning for February because I am going to produce those episodes really early so that I can take February off. So, it just depends.

I want to talk to you guys today about this idea of Sunday Night Prep—also known as the Sunday Night Reset. It’s essentially a way to look ahead at the week and be responsive, not reactive. So much of our stress as women and as mothers is because we’re being reactive to things and to our life rather than responsive.

The difference usually is your mood—yelling or freaking out, having a meltdown, or reacting to your spouse or your kids in a way that you don’t want to react, but it came out because your stretched really thin. You’re in a place where things are not going very well. Inside you feel like, “If anything goes wrong it’s not going to be okay.”

We want to eliminate that feeling and we want to eliminate that from being the way we live our lives. Proverbs 29:18—even if you’re not a Christian, this verse is so packed with truth and I think we can all agree—says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” If you don’t look ahead and know where you’re going, you’re not going to make it there. You’re going to fail.

It’s a fact and it’s something that we can use to our advantage to say, “Yeah, I see that. When I don’t know where I’m going, I end up reacting to my week and responding to every text for me to do something with: “Yeah, I guess I can do that. Yeah, sure I can do that. Yes, I’ll make dinner tonight. Yes, I’ll be there for the PTA meeting. Yes to this and yes to that.” And we end up packing way too much in, overwhelming ourselves, stressing ourselves out, and it’s not good.

The Sunday Night Prep is all about having vision for the coming week. It is a time to take a deep breath, calm down and focus. I’m going to go over some of the details of Sunday Night Prep and then if you guys have questions, I will answer them.

Sundays for our family are definitely more restful than our typical week, but they’re not like our day of rest. Monday’s are our day of rest for us. My husband is a drummer, so on Sundays he plays at church. So, he’s gone and I’m here with the kids. We usually make breakfast together. It’s my special time with just the kids. Because I used to be a stay-at-home mom it’s like the good old days when it was just us. It was hard and I missed my husband because he worked so much, but it’s sweet now that that’s our time together because my husband and I are now home together all week. And so, I’m with them and then we go to church, we go to lunch with friends and family, and then we come home and we veg out, take a family nap and be at peace for a little bit if there’s nothing going on.

But then in the evening it is time to prep for the week. And I want to encourage you, if you feel like when you’re getting ready for your week you have a sense of dread like, “Oh my gosh, does Sunday have to be over already?” Lean into that and ask yourself some questions about that. Why do you feel that way? What is it specifically that brings up stress in you? What specifically about Monday is not bringing up positive feelings for you. Maybe journal through that, sit with those thoughts, go for a walk by yourself after the kids are in bed, sit outside, or whatever it is. Really lean into that and allow yourself to feel those things, but figure out why those feelings are there. Why are those thoughts about Monday coming up?

I don’t think that’s the way we’re meant to live, in a feeling of dread over a new week. Sometimes I have feelings of dread about a project I have to work on. Sometimes life is life. It’s hard. It’s messy. It’s ugly. Stuff just needs to get done and it just is what it is. But if you have a recurring feeling of dread on Sunday night, something isn’t sitting well with you.

I think it’s important that we lean into those feelings, analyze them, get to the bottom of them, and then take action steps to plug out that route and make a change. Whether it’s a mental shift or a schedule shift, something you need to physically do to change the way you feel, something that you have against your schedule or your job or whatever it is. I would encourage you guys to lean into that and work through that.

On Sunday nights, I don’t feel dread. Usually, I feel happy. I feel joy. I feel excited to get ready. I think that comes from knowing that I’m living in my purpose, that what I’m doing in my business is what I was put here on earth to do, knowing that my family is where we’re supposed to be, that we’ve made decisions that have led us to where we need to be.

There have been years where I did not feel that way, but I still worked through things so that I didn’t feel dread. Even if we were in transition, or I knew we wanted to move somewhere, or we wanted to make a career change, but it just wasn’t happening, it wasn’t done yet and I was unhappy in the way that things were. I still worked through my emotions and my feelings. I had a vision of where I knew where we were going and I knew that we were eventually going to get there so, I didn’t feel dread on Sunday night about the coming week.

On Sunday night  I sit down with my husband and we go over the coming week. We do three things together for Sunday Night Prep. The first is that we just simply look over our schedule. What is the calendar for the week? What’s coming up? What do we need from each other? Is there any time during the week where there’s overlap and we need to help each other out?

Is there any time I need him to take the kids? Is there any time that he needs me to take the kids? Who’s doing baseball practice and games this week? Are we both able to go? Is there any time that I’m going to be away? What’s going on? We just get on the same page with that.

Asking questions like what’s happening this coming week? What does he need that I can help him with? What do I need that he can help me with?

Basically what this does is it not only helps us feel prepared and gets us on the same page, but it eliminates unspoken expectations. I don’t know about you guys, but for Brian and I and our marriage, one of the biggest causes of disconnect, arguing, or anger is a lack of communication. And one of us, usually me if I’m honest, having unspoken expectations about how the day was supposed to go or how an event was supposed to go or whatever it is.

So, just communicating and verbalizing what it is that’s happening and what we thought was gonna happen. So, Brian saying like, “Well, on this day I wanted to do this live workout with the CrossFit community and it’s right when you have a meeting.” And me saying, “Oh that’s okay, I can move the meeting.” Or, “Oh the kids can just be doing this or Emmett can come in my office with me while I do that meeting cause it’s not a big deal.” Or me saying, “Oh well that’s not going to work because this meeting is going to bring in money for the business and that’s more of a priority. I can’t have anyone in there with me. I can’t be kind of listening out for what the kids are doing. I need you to be here.” That kind of stuff.

Rather than in the moment, the morning of when I’m stressed out because I’m late for my meeting and he’s stressed out because he was really looking forward to doing this community thing with CrossFit or whatever (I’m using that as an example because that has happened). Getting on the same page so that expectations are already set for the entire week until next Sunday.

What is going on with the kids’ schooling and their activities? Are there any phone calls that need to be made or emails that need to be sent? Are there any bills that need to be paid? Are there any decisions that need to be made?

You’re running a life. It’s just like running a business. You’re CEO, COO, CFO and everything. It’s busy. It’s full. It requires planning.

So much of the time in my work as a business coach, I coach a lot of mothers who have businesses that they’re running and trying to get them off the ground. They’re going all in. They’re planning all of these things. They’re planning their launches, a new course, and all of these things and they don’t have a plan in place for their home, their life, and their schedule.

And actually, that is much busier, much fuller, and more important in a lot of ways. So, why would we plan things like a business but not plan things like our schedule in our life when this is how we’re making memories with our kids? This is our life and it matters.

It’s a lot to manage. Even if you live a pretty simple life, there’s still things that need to be done, so it makes sense that you would need to look ahead and come up with a plan. You’re not being Type A. You’re not being crazy or super anal or anything. Not that being Type A is any of those things, but you know what I’m saying?

I hear a lot of people say, “Oh, I’m just not that way. That works for you, but I’m just not that way.” Well, you’re the same person that’s complaining to me that everything feels like a total crap show, it’s so crazy, so busy, so overwhelming all the time. This is probably a really big puzzle piece of why.

So, ask things like this: “When will we need to drive separate and tag team? When will we have quality family time? When will we have date night, that’s actually set in stone? Is there any reason this would need to get moved” 

Two big questions that a lot of people skip that we found to be really important are: “What are you worried about?” So, asking Brian what is he worried about? If there’s anything that’s ‘on’ him. And then for me, what am I worried about? Is there anything ‘on’ me?

It kind of seems like a strange question to ask, but what it does is it brings up things like I’ll say, “Actually I’m really worried about the meeting that I have on Thursday. I don’t really know where I stand, what to say, or what to do about this business decision.” And it gives us an opportunity to talk through the things that are subconsciously causing anxiety. So not only are we heading into the week with a plan, on the same page, but we’re also removing anxiety and stress before the week even starts. Super, super helpful.

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We also go over how we’re going to eat that week because we all need to eat multiple times a day, and specifically dinner is really difficult to plan and to know what you’re doing if you haven’t planned ahead.

I basically have a really big list of pretty simple, mostly healthy dinners that we rotate. I’ll add some new ones in here and there if I see something really yummy on Instagram. Or I follow people like Nutrition Stripped (McKel Hill) really healthy, plant-based meals from her. Sometimes she’ll post something and I’m like, “I really want to try that,” and I’ll jot it down. So, it’s some preplanned things that we eat all the time and other things that are new that I’m willing to try.

Basically, I look at my meal list and I choose the meals that we’re going to eat that week. I make my grocery list and then I order my groceries that night to be delivered on Monday morning. This works for me because I live in an area where there is grocery delivery. Instacart comes to my area. I realize not everybody will take that next step, but even if you do your own grocery shopping or whatever, you can go to the store prepared.

So, I know what we’re eating. I know what I’m going to have for breakfast, for lunch, what the kids are going to have for lunch and what we’re going to eat. Dinners are really planned. They’re healthy. They’re well-rounded. I know what’s coming and we’ve got all the groceries that we need.

Brian stands in the kitchen and he shouts out what staple foods we’re running out of and I’ll jot them down, add them to my list. I order all the groceries we need for our meals, staple things, snacks, almond milk and things like that that we are out of or that we need.

So, now at this point we are on the same page, we have less anxiety about the week. We know how we’re tag-teaming, meals are planned, the grocery list is made, and then the groceries are ordered for delivery from Instacart for the next morning. Before Instacart came to my area, because it took them awhile to get here, we would go to the store the next morning with our list. 

The next thing that we do is involve the kids. At this point the kids are off doing their own thing and it’s just Brian and me. The next thing we do is we call the kids in and we talk to them about their week. Is there anything that they’re worried about? Is there anything that’s making them anxious? How did they feel this week? What would they like to do for our next family night? Because once a week we have a family night. We order take out or we go out to eat and we do something together. Sometimes it’s just playing video games all together. Like I’ve mentioned before, we have a Super Nintendo that we all know how to play and we hook it up to the big screen, order pizza and we just play together. It’s super fun. Sometimes we watch a movie. Other times we’ll go do something. Last week we went to the pumpkin patch together. It just depends.

We listen to them, hear them, connect with them, get their heart for how things are going because they’re a part of the family too. We make sure no one is harboring any anxiety, worry, or discontentment about anything that’s happened or been going on. It’s an opportunity for them to feel that they’re important and valuable to us, and that their input matters. And we do listen to them. It’s not like something that we just do to check it off our list. We do really hear our kids and we will lean into what they’re saying, how they’re feeling, take their input and make changes to the schedule if needed.

We want our kids to know that we respect and love them so much. And in return, because we’re like that with them, we’ve seen them give it back to us without us having to feel like we’re demanding it or forcing them, “You need to respect me!” That’s just not our family vibe. That’s been really huge for us as a family, and as parents, and it’s done a lot of good.

So many times, in person and online, people will ask me how we seem to have this relationship with our children. My daughter’s been on my podcast before and you can hear how we speak to each other and people will ask, “How are you getting that? How do you do that?” And it really comes down to things like this, their input on Sunday Night Prep. It’s their week too. This is their day too. They matter to me. I want to hear from them.

It’s just like in business when you get feedback from your audience on what it is they want next, what they want your next course or your next program to be. I want feedback from my kids because this is their childhood and it’s forming right now in front of us. It’s important to us.

And so, when the kids come in, we do that gut check with them and then we get them on the same page with us. We kind of go over like, “Okay, here’s when we have baseball. Here’s what we’re doing with schoolwork. Here’s what we’re having for lunch these days. Here’s what we’re going to have for dinner. Sometimes somebody will say, “Hey, I was wondering if we could make that one pork meal?” And I’ll just make a note, “We’ll make that next week.” Whatever it is, we just talk.

After we’re on the same page, we set the intent for the week. I feel like this is sounding like we’re all sitting in a circle and everyone’s just sharing. It’s not that spiritualized. It’s not that perfect. It’s just something that we do. Sometimes we’re standing in the kitchen while I make dinner. Sometimes we’re sitting on the couch while I’m having a glass of wine. It’s super chill. I feel like it sounds so perfect, and it’s just not.

But after that we set the intent for the week because, again, you guys know I’m so big on setting the intent for things. You need to set the intent for your home before you can declutter because it helps you decide what should go and what should stay. We need to set the intent for our motherhood. What do we want our kids’ childhood to feel like when they look back on it? We’ve got to know where we’re going. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” So, we need to know where we’re going.

And it’s the same thing with week-by-week. If you do this week-by-week, then your life as a whole is going to have had that done to it. And that is vision. That is purpose. It’s intent. It’s so healthy and so good.

And you guys, nobody’s doing this. You are living in such purpose and stepping into such a beautifully abundant life when you begin to make these little tweaks. This is like an hour of our week and it’s just setting the intent, getting on the same page, connecting with where we want to go and making sure that the things we’re putting on our calendar and the things we’ve said, ‘Yes’ to align with that.

And if they don’t, they get canceled. We quit things all the time. It’s okay to be a quitter when you are aligning yourself with why you’re here and what really matters to you.

And so, the way that it looks like with the kids with setting the intent for the week is just saying like, “Okay, what do we all want to get done this week?” Like talking about what we’re going to do for family night. The kids usually want to talk about fun stuff. They want to talk about what we’re going to do for family night. If we’re going to play video games, or go somewhere, or watch a movie. They want to ask if they could have dessert any night of the week and silly things.

Brian and I are more the ones that are like, “You know, I really want this week to feel restful so I’m going to cancel three things on my calendar that could get pushed. I’m going to make sure I create a little bit more margin in my mornings for quiet time, meditation, taking a walk, spending time with Jesus or whatever it is. We’re the parents and we are the ones that are being serious about it and their stuff is silly and kind of like, “Okay, that’s not the intent, but whatever.”

But the point is that we’re practicing that with them and getting them in the habit of this is how you do life, this is how you live on purpose. You are valid and valuable here. You matter and we care about what you think. We want to hear from you. It’s more about the act and less about them having valuable input that’s earth shattering and wise. They’re like, “My intent for the week is that I get ice cream at some point.” And on the inside I’m like, “Okay, thanks for nothing,” but on the outside I’m like, “Yeah, that is so important.”

It’s more getting into the act and showing them how to do life well. That’s something that’s really big to me as their mom.

Does that make sense? That’s what our Sunday Night Prep looks like.

By the time Sunday evening is over, we have all gotten on the same page. I know what to expect. Brian knows what to expect from me. I know what to expect from him. We’ve pre-solved any awkward tension-causing problems in our calendar. We’ve gone over what to do about any overlap. We’ve canceled things that need to get canceled. We’ve added things that needed to get added. We know what we’re going to eat. Groceries are on their way. We feel good. We feel prepared. And that takes any dread out of Monday morning. You won’t believe it. It’s crazy.

And you guys, I think it’s really important to do this weekly instead of monthly because I get that question a lot. I think it’s important to do it weekly because I’m a very ‘feeling’ person. One Sunday night I might just suddenly feel like, “Gosh, I am just craving rest. I’m not feeling like myself. I’ve been in kind of a lull the last couple of days. I just know that I really need more rest. How can I get that when I’m working, running this business, all these things? I’ve got a speaking engagement, a book to write, and all these things going on.” 

Knowing ahead of time, I can find ways to carve that out before the week happens rather than pushing through and being miserable when the next Sunday comes.

So, I think it’s really important to check in because not only are you as a woman, really a ‘feeler’ by nature and need to check in with yourself every seven days, but the other people in your family are the same way. Maybe not on as heavy a grade as you, but we’re all living human beings. We all have emotion and things change week-to-week. I think it’s really important to check in every seven days.

I think it’s also important to say that Sunday Night Prep should not be this thing you tick off your list—you check it off and it’s done. I think it really needs to be a deep breath out, pressing pause, really sitting and being present in that. Asking these questions to yourself, and to your spouse if you’re married, to your kids. Really listening and not being in a rush like, “Okay, what are we eating this week?” Not like hurry up and just another thing that’s rushed. I think it really needs to be a slow, intentional act.

If we are too busy to even press pause enough to do this, we’re too busy. Because where there is no vision, the people perish. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re going to end up somewhere by accident instead of ‘there’ on purpose and that’s not what we want.

Okay. I’m going to scroll through and find some questions if there are any left.

Do you use an app for meal planning? 

No, I’m a pen and paper kind of girl. I literally have a list on a piece of paper of all the meals that we have made and enjoyed that are pretty simple and I’d be willing to make again. I don’t need a two-hour-in-the-kitchen meal. So just things like steak, potatoes and veggies. Garlic ginger chicken on a sheet pan with broccoli. Things that we’ve tried off of Pinterest and stuff that have been hits.

There’s also a couple of recipes that are not super healthy, but they’re just a family favorite. If there’s a random night where I need something quick like crockpot enchiladas—that’s a flour tortilla; there’s dairy in there—it’s not perfect for us, but it’s fine. It’s good to indulge every once in a while. I have little things in there that I can fit in.

But there are some amazing apps out there. Somebody just said ‘Wunderlist.’ Yes. That’s a great one. Evernote, the iPhone app on your phone works great. But I’m a pen and paper girl so I just keep a running list of meals.

Then actually once a month, the first Sunday of the month, I plan ahead all the meals we’re going to eat the entire month. I look through our schedule and I say, “Okay, when is there Married Group at our house?” Because we host that and there’s dinner.

I order dinner for everybody so I know I’m not going to cook that night.

When is date night? I’m not cooking that night either. The kids have something really easy and the sitter prepares it for them. Where are we going to be out that we’re not going to be eating? When is it family game night and take out night. Those are all nights we won’t be cooking. Then I can see the remaining slots of nights I’m going to be cooking (or Brian’s going to be cooking because we take turns) and those are the nights that I fill in with a meal. For the whole month I know what we’re eating. 

And then during Sunday Night Prep, I look ahead at that list and I’m like, “Okay this is the week of the 7th, so these are the meals that are assigned to eat. Do I want to make any changes? Is it good? And then I make my grocery list and order the food. Make sense? Super simple. It’s just simplified meal planning.

Scrolling through for questions… Okay, well it looks like we’re good guys. Cool. If you think of any questions you can add them here and my team or myself will see them.

I want to end in encouraging you guys. This is so important. Please don’t let this be a thing that you listen to and you’re just like, “Ugg, it’s too overwhelming to start something like that,” and you go through the rest of your day, forget about it, and not take action on it. Just try it. Try it this weekend. Put it in your calendar. Sunday Night Prep. And come back and watch this video. Or if you’re listening to this episode, listen again, and write down some of the questions that I said. Write down some of the prompts.

If you are feeling stressed and unprepared in your life, that’s good. It’s a gauge in yourself that you know that something needs to shift, that you need to be a little bit more intentional. I’m giving you a tool for free that will do exactly that.

I hope that helps you guys and encourages you.

Samantha just asked, “Was Brian always on board with this?” 

Yes, he was. He really didn’t have any reason not to be because it’s moving our family in a positive direction, which we both want. There was never a conversation of, “Oh, I don’t like this.”

So, okay, this kind of stuff is all in my program called Unburdened. It’s actually not available right now, but I will link to it in the comments. It is literally all this kind of stuff that I just walked you through, but for every single thing in your life and your schedule. Everything. It is simplicity and minimalism applied to your life, your relationships, toxic relationships, obligations, calendar schedule. How you spend your mornings, your afternoon, your evenings. School with the kids, homeschooling, whatever you do. It’s everything. And it’s amazing. I’m really proud of it. It opens up twice a year.

If you go to you can add yourself to the waitlist so that when it does open up again, you’re the first to know. You’ll also get a massive discount on the course. So, that’s there if you need it.

But for now, until it opens again in a few months—I think it’s like six months—start here. Start with Sunday night prep and see how you feel. Good luck guys. Love you all.

All right friends, please remember: if this episode, if the content here helped you, if you found it inspiring, if putting this somewhere—whether it’s Sunday night or another night of the week—is going to help simplify your life and help you live on purpose, you would love Unburdened.

Unburdened is one of my online programs and it is this kind of stuff for everything. Rhythms, your mornings, your evenings, your midday, your relationships and setting boundaries, deciding if you should put something on your schedule or not, or if it’s worth your time or not. Everything about running your life is taught just like this in Unburdened.

It’s a life-changer. Game-changer. It’s amazing. I’m super proud of it. It only opens up a couple of times a year and the next time should be in the spring, so go to and you can get on the waitlist. You’ll be the first to know when the doors open and you’ll also get a special discount for being on the waitlist.

This was an episode of The Purpose Show. Did you know there is an exclusive community created solely for the purpose of continuing discussions surrounding The Purpose Show episodes? And to get you to actually take action and make positive changes on the things that you learn here? Go be a part of it. To join go to

Thank you so much for tuning in. If you are ready to uplevel and really take action on the things I talk about on my show, and get step-by-step help from me, head to There are free downloads, courses, classes, and ways to learn more about what the next step might look like for you and to focus on whatever you might need help with in whatever season you are in right now.  

I am always rooting for you, friend! See ya next time!

Hey mama! Just a quick note, this post may contain affiliate links.

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