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Ep 269: My September Self-Improvement Project


Have you ever had a month where you just felt so out of alignment? Like every area felt, just off. That was August for me. It was a heavy month of low energy, low feelings, and getting to a place where I needed a reset. So in September I stepped into a month focused on Self-Improvement; I was “Becoming Her.” It was a magical month that taught me a lot of things but mostly it showed me this: it doesn’t have to be perfect. Every version of myself has purpose. And so do yours! Every version of you has purpose. Let’s discover that together. 

In this episode Allie discusses:

  • What led to this self-improvement project
  • Simple daily shifts you can make to improve your life
  • How doing your best every day, is enough (it doesn’t have to be perfect)





Mentioned in this Episode:


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