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Ep 276: Moms, Stop Doing These 3 Things Today with Dr. Hilary Mandzik


“Parenting is the hardest job we’ll ever do, but it is possible to shift into a mindset where it doesn’t feel so heavy.” This hit HOME for me as I sat and chatted with my friend, Dr. Hilary Mandzik. She is a licensed psychologist, parenting specialist, and mom of 3 who is passionate about helping people parent in a way that truly feels good – for both parents and kids – and breaking unhelpful generational cycles. And in this episode she shares THREE things that moms need to stop doing today that will bring instant change to their family. I am not going to type the 3 things out because I really want you to listen, take this in, and take action. You’ve got this mama!

In this episode Allie + Dr. Hilary

— The societal pressures to push our kids emotions aside and tell them to just “brush it off.”

— Parents are not cruises ship directors; we don’t need to plan entertainment all day. Our kids can and should be bored (it’s actually what their brains need!)

— How parents should embrace imperfection and use it as a model for their kids

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