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Ep 278: Feminine Energy and Your Business with Maleah Gordon

Have you ever wondered how feminine energy plays into how you run your business (or your life)? Learning about the different sides of energy has been a game changer for me and has helped me to grow, strengthen, and deepen every area of my business. Because as you dive into your feminine energy, connect with your gifts, and understanding who you are … you will be able to authentically share it with the world.

But I am not the expert on this topic, so I have my friend, Maleah Gordon on the show to talk about this and break it down for you. Grab something to take notes! This episode is PACKED with such goodness.

Maleah Brown loves people and is passionate about sharing the hopeful message of holistic healing. She is a healer, adventurer, and owner of Foot Zone School. Through her education programs, keynote speeches, and conference addresses she has been able to instruct and inspire thousands to a happier, more fulfilled way of living.

She finds joy in teaching others effective and practical tools that can change their very existence, and has used these tools and healing modalities to overcome serious physical and mental dis-ease, changing the direction of her life. Her mission is to help YOU live a fully expressed life through healing yourself and others. Together we can shift the planet and create a vibration of healing and love!

In this episode Allie + Maleah discuss:

💛 Foot zoning; what it is and how powerful it is in your holistic journey.

💛 Masculine versus feminine energy 101 (they break this down in an easy to understand way)

💛 Ways you can shift into your feminine energy within your business.

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