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Ep 300: Journal Exercise For A New Life

When you are stuck in a pattern of doing things a certain way and getting results you DON’T want … how do shift out of that? I got you, babe. In this episode I am going to share the exact journal exercise I do to shift patterns in my life and step into a new way of doing, being, and thinking. This is not a super introspective exercise. This is more simple, practical, and lighter exercise.

Grab a journal (legit, grab one). I am going to guide you through this exercise as we work through this together. 💛

In this episode Allie discusses:

💥 The power of deciding to shift patterns that are not getting you the results you want

📓 Exact prompts she uses to work through these shifts (and she walks you thorough doing the same)

🤩 Unfavorable outcomes + desires; how listing them out brings out patterns and shifts you need to make

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