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Ep 299: Cluttered + Ashamed


Is there something in your life you are afraid to share? Well, this episode is that thing for me. I am scared to share this with you, but I know it will help you in ways it has helped me. So let’s talk about it … the shame of home and shame of clutter.

Over the last few years ago I went through so much change and so many shifts. And because of that piles of clutter surround my home (and my life). So I found myself sitting in the same mental, physical, and emotional place I was a decade ago before I decluttered for the first time.

In this episode Allie discusses:

🏠 The current reality of her home and clutter, and where shame started to creep in over the last few years

☀️ The shame women feel in their home (+ how real, normal it is)

❌ How the energy of hiding hinders you in every area of your life

💛 Choosing to live against the grain when it comes to clutter + things

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