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Ep 303: Breaking Old Patterns Makes Way For Good To Come Through

When I feel stuck in my business, I feel stuck in my purpose. Can you relate?

As I have shifted over the last year or so, my message has also shifted; which ultimately means, my audience has shifted too. What once felt aligned now feels misaligned. What once felt good and like it was moving forward, now feels stuck and without clear direction.

All of this has led me to recognize old patterns that are no longer serving me and are holding me back from the GOOD that is trying to come through. We all have patterns that do this to us. As you sit and listen to this episode, my hope is that you give yourself some grace and take a moment to look at the old patterns in your own life that may be holding YOU back as well. ❤️

Ps – thanks for always letting me be vulnerable with you, babe. I am grateful you’re part of my community.

In this episode Allie discusses:

🤩 When she realized she was stuck and what she did to get out of it

💫 The patterns that hold her back (like holding onto things and isolating herself)

💛 The difference between healthy boundaries and hiding

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