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A Typical Day in Our House

Do you ever wonder what someone else does in different areas of your life? Like how other people deal with tough parenting issues or how other moms structure their day?

Me too!

I think it can be really helpful to see how other people do things. Even if the exact system wouldn’t work for you, it can be inspiring and helpful in other ways.

Lately on Instagram (@allie_thatsme) and on the podcast, I’ve been sharing some things about my schedule, such as: 

  • how I run my business
  • homeschool my four littles
  • fit in some self-care
  • and all the other things I’ve got going on

It’s been so fun to hear people’s feedback and comments! Since it’s been asked a bunch, I thought I’d get specific and share a peek into a typical day for our family!

So keep in mind, this is a typical day.


It’s not exactly this way all the time – that would be so boring I’d die, cause I love to be spontaneous!



I usually wake up, slip into my workout clothes, and make coffee.

I go through my morning ritual and usually follow it up with some pilates.


The kids’ alarms go off (they play upstairs if they wake up before this), they make their beds, put their pajamas away, get dressed, and come downstairs. I normally put myself together for the day at this time.


Bella serves breakfast for herself and her brothers (cereal or toast and hardboiled egg, or something similar), they clean up after themselves, then unload the dishwasher (I always run it the night before).


I sit with the kids and we talk, pray over our day, and dive into Language Arts. During this time, sometimes Brian is working in the office, sometimes he’s working on a house project.


I head to my office to get some work done, Brian comes in to do math and science with the kids.

They take breaks as needed. 

When they’re done the older two work on solo work (guitar or reading for Leland, art lesson or reading for Bella) while the younger two play outside.


We eat lunch as a family.

After we eat, we clean up the kitchen and do a 10-minute pickup around the house. Usually school books need to be put away, the robo vac needs to be run, and things just need to be straightened up.

After lunch, we might go for a walk to the park near our house, run errands, go out to do something fun, or take a family nap if we need it. On busier weeks, Brian and I might have the kids do separate quiet times while we get a little more work done in the office.

Sometimes I’ll take the kids out alone while Brian stays and gets some editing done (he’s the master behind the photos we use for the business and all my videos). Other times we’ll pack up and head to Legoland. It just depends on our workload and what’s going on that day.


Time to make dinner! Brian and I have assigned nights for who cooks. 

It is always flexible, though! 

Usually he cooks two nights a week and I cook three. The other two nights are date night (which means a frozen pizza for the kids and sitter) and the other night is family takeout/game night!

After we eat dinner and clean up the kitchen, we head into our evening routineanother 10-minute house pickup, Bella wipes the bathrooms down, everyone chips in with what’s needed so we can go to bed with a clean house. Plus bath/showers for all the kids.


The younger kids (ages 5 and 3) go to bed.

The older kids will normally hang out together or read separately. Sometimes they play on the iPad together, watch Blue Planet on Netflix or color and chat. At this time Brian and I are either relaxing on the couch or wrapping up anything that needs us (maybe work or a house project or just talking to each other).


The older kids (ages 9 and 7) go to bed.

I normally go to bed around 10:00, but it changes depending on the night.


I feel like this is super boring but I know I like reading things like this from other people and so many of you were asking me for this, haha! There you have it! 🙂

Whenever I share something like this, I get a bunch of emails asking why there’s not more time spent on housework and how is my house always so clean on my InstaStory if I don’t spend a chunk of time each day maintaining it.

Mamas always write me saying how overwhelmed they feel and their day is so full of chaos and putting out fires. It breaks my heart! I know how that feels because it absolutely used to be my life!

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But this is what I’m always telling you beauties – minimalism and simplifying your home and schedule will set you free from that!

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Whatever you need, I got you and I want you to know there is so much hope!


Love sharing with you all and I hope this is a fun read!

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