How I Got My Book Deal

In case you missed my live announcement on Instagram… I GOT A BOOK DEAL! ⁣ GUYS! I’M GOING TO BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! ⁣Things like this can sometimes seem like luck, so I’m sharing a few pieces of what led to this moment you’re seeing in that pic above (that’s the moment I signed my […]

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The best thing I’ve come away with from all of it is the mindset shift I’ve needed. I’ve tried organizing and declutter blogs and books COUNTLESS times before, but there’s just something different about the way you motivate me to find my “why” and to just get the work done that has caused real change […]

Abigail Zieger

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I actually dropped to my knees and thanked the Lord for revealing you to me. Thank you for being you! I don’t even care if you see this, just had to get it off my heart. Your words have saved me, thank you.

Lyndsey Ayers

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It’s been almost two months since I listened to this, made changes and now our life is remarkably different. I spent years trying to change my five year old and it got to the point recently where his spirit (& our relationship) was broken. Making these changes in MYSELF is what did it for us. […]

Sarah Vanderhoofven Nguyen

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Just spent hours in my son’s room with him clearing out! And guess what? He has been playing in there for HOURS since!


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I have to say, being a ruthless editor of what I allow to take up space in my home really has made hospitality so much easier. I don’t lose my cool frantically picking up a gazillion things because we just don’t have a gazillion things to pick up.


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