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Episode 001: My Goal Setting Process

Happy New Year!

In this episode, I’m taking you deep inside the exact goal setting process that I use to make and achieve massive goals.

I frequently get asked how I am able to achieve so much in such a short amount of time, but there’s no secret. Anybody can make their dreams a reality, you just need to set goals the “right way.” Then, begin taking action to achieve whatever it is you want, by being a woman of intent.

So, I’d love it you’d join me with a cup of coffee (or tea if that’s your thang) and enjoy the very first episode of The Purpose Show! Yay!


In this episode, Allie discusses:

  •  A quick overview of what’s happening with the podcast and when new episodes will be published each week

  • Why New Year’s is a great time of year to create new goals, but not the only time

  • How she manages so much with four kids, a full personal life, and multiple successful businesses

  • How to achieve your goals

  • Her step-by-step process to set the right goals for where you are in your life

  • What reverse engineering is, and how it can change the way you reach your goals

  • Why taking action on your goals will leave a lasting impact on your life

Mentioned in this Episode:


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