Episode 006: How My Blog Got My Husband Out of His 9 to 5

Today’s topic is something that I’ve been asked a lot about, but it’s something that I’ve always struggled to share.

I am opening the door for the first time on a very vulnerable, difficult and now, exciting part of me and Brian’s story. It’s something that I needed to get to a certain place in my life and heart, before I was really ready to open up and share.

I’ve been feeling, for a few months, that the time is coming.

I’d even planned on writing a big blog post last year, but I kept putting it off. I kept procrastinating. Subconsciously, I just wasn’t ready to share.

However, after I ended up starting my own podcast, I felt like it was time to talk about it. It’s much easier for me to share this with my voice rather than trying to find the right words in writing…

This is the story of the start of my business. How a little hobby blog, that I kept in the quiet, late night hours, while waiting for my husband to get home from a job that he hated, and how it was so difficult for us because we were barely getting by.

This is how this little blog turned into a global empire and saved our family and got my husband out of his 9 to 5.


In this episode, Allie discusses:

  • How she and Brian came from poverty and incredible difficulty in making ends meet as he worked insane hours six days a week.

  • Following God’s call out of their home state, away from everyone they knew and loved and moving to the midwest, where they knew no one.

  • The difficult times of Arkansas, how everything at first got even worse, and how Allie began to seriously doubt God.

  • Falling in love with not just blogging, but helping other women through her story & experiences.

  • Discovering the idea of turning a blog into a successful business.

  • Sharing her message, being more vulnerable, helping other women.

  • How Your Uncluttered Home came to be.

  • Taking a leap of faith and having Brian quit his job, before his income had been replaced.

  • The incredibly grueling months that Allie and Brian experienced before her blog and the course truly took off.

  • God had given Allie a really powerful word for my business that she still clings to.

  • Feeling like she failed her family.

  • Having a post go viral, and waking up to 15,000 new subscribers and money suddenly in her account overnight.

  • What has changed since everything happened, and what the business is like now.

  • Allie gets very emotional and shares her words of advice for anyone struggling to pursue a dream through tears and lots of passion!



Mentioned in this Episode:

Your Uncluttered Home is my most popular, globally-praised decluttering course, designed for moms who want to live their lives more than they clean up after it.

It’s truly the A-Z of minimalism – every room, every area of your house, totally uncluttered.

This super extensive, extremely detailed course is literally everything you need to become a minimalist mama who’s able to be a lot more present for what matters most.

This truly is the ultimate when it comes to my philosophy and implementing it into your own life.

Thanks so much for joining me! I’m so excited to experience the show’s progression with you!

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  1. What you shared was so beautiful and touching. I’m in tears. Thank you for obeying God during the hardest times if your life. You and your family are a blessing ❤

  2. Wow. I love your story and I love your obedience. Thanks for the encouragement and excitement you spread Allie 🙂

  3. Oh my soul!!! Your story touched my heart and pierced my soul. THANK YOU for being brave and not only sharing your story with the world but so boldly and beautifully giving encouragement and a call to action to other inspired and amazing souls who are yearning to make a difference in the world but question whether we actually can or will. Seriously. So touching! Life changing! All the women need to hear THIS. <3

  4. Allie, I have been doing your declutter challenge and am in awe of you! You are such an inspiring woman, mother and wife! Thank you for staying God’s course and taking that leap of faith! You have so inspired me to be a better mother, wife and Christian. Thank you is not enough for how much you have changed my life in these past short weeks!

  5. This was so encouraging and inspirational Allie. I have a big crazy dream/passion that I just feel like is impossible. Hearing you talk about trusting God and taking risks in faith is my favorite part about this story. Your commitment to trust Him and follow Him is so inspiring for me. Often I feel like it’s not even worth the effort and work that it takes to move closer to my dream, but hearing about how your hard work and sacrifice, coupled with God’s faithfulness has allowed you to have this global reach to spread this message, not just about minimalism, but about priorities, about making God the biggest–wow. Thank you for sharing your story and your tears. ❤️

  6. I’ve never cried so hard and been so encouraged at the exact same time! Wow! To God be the glory! Can’t wait to see how you change the world for the second time!

  7. We’ve been the "idiots" that left a job too. A year of unemployment followed, another year of a awful job much like what you experienced in Arkansas. And then another 6 month period of unemployment. It’s so disheartening and hard to trust God when you feel like you’re doing what he’s called you to do. Thank you for the reminder that being faithful to the calling is the first step. I cried tears of identifying with your story and then tears because I felt so encouraged. I know being that vulnerable is hard. Thank you. I needed to hear it.

  8. I love everything about Allie. Her motivational energy to help others live with intention. Her business has developed from her hard work and devotion to succeed. god bless her and her family. Every time I declutter I love having Allies podcasts or facebook live on in the background as she makes me work harder and get focused.

  9. Thank you for sharing this, Allie! So often we just see successful people, and not the blood, sweat and tears that went into making those people a success. You deserve all this because you worked so hard for it, and because at the root of everything is your desire to help others. Keep it up and I can’t wait to see what you (and Brian) do next!

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