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Ep 156: 10 Things I Did to Build My Empire

June 1, 2020

I'm allie

I'm here to shake things up and challenge the status quo of motherhood. Let's throw out the old rulebook and create a new narrative where moms are living their dream lives unapologetically.

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I get it, daily routines can be overwhelming. But you? You're seeking life ownership. Dive into this beloved guide and tap into easy self-reflection, without overtaxing your brain.

I love talking about business, especially with all you beautiful mamas. And so, in this episode I’m sharing with you 10 things I’ve done to build my business empire so far. We all have purposes and passions we want to pursue and that’s why I believe that everyone can learn something from this episode whether you want to build a business or not. So, let’s dive in! 





In This Episode Allie discusses:

  • The evolution of The Purpose Show

  • The ten things she’s done to build her business

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Mom life. We’re surrounded by the message that it’s the tired life. The no-time-for-myself life. The hard life. We’re supposed to get through it. Survive. Cling on by the last little thread. And at the same time, Carpe Diem—enjoy every moment because it’s going to go by so fast. The typical mom culture sends us all kinds of mixed, typically negative messages: We shouldn’t take care of ourselves; it’s selfish. The more ragged you run yourself, the bigger your badge of honor. But also, ditch your mom bod and work out. Don’t yell. Make more money. Show up. Be better—but not at the expense of time with your kids. I am putting a hard stop to all of this. While being a mom, running a business, and whatever else you might have going on is hard, it is a lot and there’s lots of giving of yourself, the idea that motherhood means living a joyless, nonstop- hustle-with-zero-balance-kind-of-life, where you give and give and give and never take, needs to stop. 

I’m on a mission to help you stop counting down the minutes till bedtime (at least most days). Stop the mom guilt and shame game. Stop cleaning up after your kids’ childhood and start being present for it. I want to help you thrive in work, home and life. I believe in John 10:10 that we are called to living an abundant life and I know moms are not excluded from that promise. Join me in conversations about simplicity, some business and life hacks, spirituality and lots of other good stuff that leads to a life of less for the sake of enjoying more in your motherhood. I’m Allie Casazza and this is The Purpose Show.

Friend! Oh my gosh. We have been talking about business so much more here on The Purpose Show and it makes me so, so happy. I love that my message gets to evolve and shift as I do as a person. Speaking of business, I have created a 3-day online bootcamp that’s going to be super easy and really fun for all of you online business owners that are listening.

I’m calling it the Business Breakthrough Bootcamp, BBB. And we’re going to go over three days together in a live stream, so you’re going to get to be there with me. It’s like a webinar-style live, via Zoom. You can talk to me and ask questions. I am going to teach something every single day, something that is going to cause you to break through a wall in your business. 

Maybe it’s going to be limiting beliefs. Another day we’ll do some strategy, and a different day we’ll do thought processes and breakthroughs that you need to have as the CEO. We’re going to talk about the spirit side of things and the strategy side of things, just making one magical combo of real breakthrough and lasting impact that you can carry with you in your business so you can go and implement and change and let things be better in your business. 

The work that you do will feel better. You’ll feel like you have internal clarity, and that’s going to show up in your business. Because how you feel, and your wellness and wholeness as a person and as a soul is directly reflected in the results you see in your business. If it’s one thing I’ve learned as a business owner, it is definitely that.

This bootcamp is totally free. I was going to charge about $50 for it and I decided to make it free. To sign up, I want you to go to Sign up. It’s totally free. I’m really looking forward to seeing you there. I can’t wait to talk with you and help you. I’m so excited! Let’s break through your business hurdles together. 

Hello my loves! I’m so extra excited to be sitting here with you today! I have been dying to record this episode! 

I love talking about business, especially with all you mamas out there. I’m so obsessed with empowering you to live a life that you love and create a business that supports that life. That’s what I did. 

I want to share with you how I did that in all kinds of different ways, over all kinds of different episodes. This episode will definitely do that for you and be a good step in that direction. 

But before we dive in, I just want to say you may have noticed the new intro went out today. This is the new intro for The Purpose Show because the podcast is evolving right along with me and also right along with my heart for you beautiful, amazing women.

I believe that purpose, life, and business are all connected. It’s all been really fluid for me.

I don’t see my life as, “Oh well, over here I’m a mom. This is my mom life and this is how I do that, how I live that intentionally, how I’m pursuing purpose in motherhood. But then over here, separate in a different box, is how I’m doing that in business.” 

For a long time, I tried to separate that for myself. I was very hesitant to do any episodes about business here on The Purpose Show because I know not everybody has a business or ever wants to have a business. 

But here’s the thing, whether you are a stay-at-home mom, not a mom at all, a working mom, a lawyer mom, a doctor mom, a fast food worker mom, or whatever else, we all have a purpose. We all have a desire to live more aligned with that purpose, to step into that intentionally, and to really feel like we are owning our days, owning our lives, and shining. 

I want to bring these things together, not divide them. And me, just being Allie, being who I am, that’s who I am. 

I own a business. I’m building an empire. I am also a mom of four. I’m super passionate about normalizing wealth and wealth-building for women, for moms. 

I’m super obsessed with teaching you how to build your own empire. Maybe that looks like your home. Maybe that looks like your family. Maybe that looks like your home, family, and a business. 

Everyone is different. But I believe that everyone can learn from every single episode no matter what I’m talking about.

I have business beating in my heart and I’m not going to avoid that when it’s wanting to spill out of me everywhere. So, we are bringing different conversations to The Purpose Show. 

It’s all going to be the same. It’s not like, “Oh! We’re switching.” It’s everything that we’ve been doing together and we’re branching out. We’re going to explore some other topics. 

If you are a business owner, there is going to be some conversations for you and also for moms. Because that’s what we are. We’re moms. And even though our lifestyles might look different, we all want the same things. 

I’m super excited to stop putting limits on myself and have these conversations be fluid and all about purpose no matter what you’re doing. I hope that makes sense. I hope you guys are excited. I’m super excited. 

I was dying for that new intro to come out because it’s a perfect blend of what was in the past intro infused with a little bit of, “Well, also some of us work. Some of us have businesses.” Even those of us who don’t, we all have a purpose and want to pursue that. 

I really love this beautiful entangling of everything Allie, everything that I have to share fusing together here on this platform that I’ve worked so hard to build. 

We have over 5 million downloads on The Purpose Show now, which is insane for what has been up to this point a once a week show in just two years of airing. That’s insane! I’m so proud of that. 

We’re also going to be increasing to two episodes a week. Mondays and Wednesdays are our days and maybe every once-in-a-while I’ll pump out a bonus episode on Fridays. You never know because I have so much content coming out of me all the time that sometimes I just can’t wait. 

We’re usually really far ahead in recording because I have so much content coming out of me for you guys here on The Purpose show that I record it all the time. And then my team says, “Okay, great. This episode is awesome, but it’s not gonna be able to air for six months.” And I’ll  say, “No, just make it a bonus episode.”

I’m so excited! All right, let’s dive into today’s topic. 

I want to go over with you 10 things that I did to build what I have built so far—my empire as I love to call it.

Let’s dive right in. 

Number One: I created a community and I made it fun. 

I like to say a couple of different things about this. The first thing I love to say is I want you business owners out there to create a movement that sells, not a business. Don’t think of it as, “This is my business and this is my product.” 

Create a movement around what you’re selling and what your message is. Get people excited. Energy is contagious. Make it fun. 

I also love to say that I make my business a party that nobody wants to leave. When we do our annual challenge, Declutter Like A Mother, there’s tens and tens and tens of thousands of women signed up. Not only signed up but participating, excited, freaking out. 

They waited all year for this. They’re so excited! Even though they already have my paid course, they’re in the challenge doing it again because it is a party that nobody wants to leave. 

And because it’s a party nobody wants to leave, it converts to money really well. After we run the challenge, it’s time to open up Your Uncluttered Home at a special discount that hasn’t been seen in a really long time and get people in there so they can continue this. So they can live a life of purpose and stop being run by the stuff in their home and cleaning up all the time. 

And because Declutter Like A Mother is so fun, I say, “Hey! We’re continuing this party over here in Your Uncluttered Home and there’s a community of students waiting to hang out with you. We’ve been hanging out here the last couple of weeks. Come over here and buy my course.” 

And they do because it’s awesome. Why wouldn’t they? 

I didn’t just create a business. I created a community. I created a movement. I made it fun. 

Infuse your business with more fun. Far too often business owners, especially those that have “made it,” and are a “big deal” or however you want to say it, they just are so serious. They’re so serious! 

They’re walking around and they’ve got a stick up their butt. They say, “Here’s the strategy in my funnel that made me.”

I get it. There’s such a place for strategy. I love strategy. 

But let’s have some fun. Bring some energy to the table that makes people want to gravitate towards you because you excite them. That’s one thing that I did. 

Number Two: I delegate and automate like a boss. Like a freaking boss.

I used to be so afraid of giving away things to people on my team. I was so afraid to hire anyone. When I hired my first VA, I was freaking out. I was so anxious. Oh my gosh! 

And now, that girl, that version of me, is so unrecognizable to me. I’ve learned to let go, delegate, and automate it like a champ because it sets me free. 

It’s just like when I’m sitting here with this message about decluttering and I say, “Girl, you are so bogged down by your stuff. Let it go. Let’s simplify. Let’s get you living on purpose.” And she says, “Yeah, I really want to, but I really don’t want to let go of this or this or this.” That’s how I was with not delegating when I first started my business. 

What I’ve learned is if you hire the right people, you train them, you set your boundaries, you set your standards, you check in really regularly for a few weeks, you can let go completely and just check in every now and then with your team meetings. And that is what I do. That’s how I run my business.

So many business owners I see are struggling because they will not delegate or automate anything. They’re doing everything live all the time. They’re doing everything all the time themselves. 

They are afraid to let go. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience or hired a crappy VA.

You can’t let fear drive your decisions. You have to move on and up and let go. The more I delegate, the less I do, the more money I make. And that’s the God honest truth. 

Number Three: I am authentic. Authenticity is definitely a core value for me. I will not record a podcast if I’m in a bad place. 

If I’m going to record with Brian and there’s tension or we’re bickering or arguing before, if there’s just not a good vibe for us, I will cancel it, “We’re not going to record this. No, we’re not doing this.”

It’s more important to me to be authentic behind the scenes so that I can be authentic in what the public is seeing. It’s so important to me. I think that authenticity really connects with people because people buy from people and more than that, they buy from people that they trust. 

When you’re truly authentic, people trust you. It’s not like you want to be authentic so you can swindle them, take their credit card information, and they can buy your thing. It’s that you’re really sharing. 

I’ve cried on my webinars before and many times on live streams. I’m not afraid to show emotion. I’m not afraid to show this is who I am, this is what I believe. Even though that’s polarizing and some people are really not going to like it, I’m not afraid.

This is who I am. And maybe you don’t like it because you’re not supposed to like it because I’m not your girl. I’m not who’s here to help you. 

But for somebody else, I was made the way that I’m made to help her. She needs me to be who I am. So you might as well be authentic. 

I think there’s a lot of fear that holds people back from authenticity and I encourage you to work through that. Be authentic. Show up. Show emotion if you want to. 

If it’s coming out, let it come out. Be honest. Don’t fake it. Be authentic in what you share. 

It’s okay to not know everything. There’s this whole thing out there for business owners that you have to be the experts. Yeah sure, no one wants to learn from somebody who’s weird, doesn’t know anything or acts like an idiot. 

But being an expert doesn’t mean that you’re perfect. It doesn’t mean that you have every single answer. It’s okay to say, “I’m not sure.” 

It’s okay to say, “Well, let’s talk about it. I’m not really sure. Let’s talk this out. What if you did it like this? How does that feel?” 

It’s okay to not say, “Oh, this is what I do.” You’re going back to the walking-around-with-a-stick-up-your-butt, expert mentality. I really think that all the world will benefit when we shake that off. Be authentic. 

Number Four: I always invested even when it seemed impossible financially.

I always invested in my business. Even in the very beginning. You guys, if you haven’t listened to episode six of The Purpose Show, run! Go listen to it. 

It is my business story. It is so emotional. It is also a great picture of authenticity because I basically sobbed at the end. 

Life is just so beautiful and so good. I’m so grateful for my God and how He led me here. For the work I put in and the energy I put in. 

I’m going to cry right now. I cannot help but cry when I tell my business story because it is so freaking beautiful. 

But even then when we were broke as a joke and had nothing, I found a way to invest. I remember signing up for a payment plan for a business course and the payment plan was $39 a month. I couldn’t swing it. 

My payments got canceled. I went and sold my throw pillows on a Facebook group so that I could make enough money to make my payments. And that’s the honest truth. 

I found a way. I always found a way to grow and go to the next level. And now I still invest. 

I’ve hired coaches. I’ve paid for mindset courses, strategy courses, business coaches, programs, platforms that are gonna work for me and my business that are gonna help me streamline and run things better for myself, for you guys, for my family. for everybody. I always invested.

I also invested time. Reading, learning, working, prioritizing my goals, making those goals happen. 

I always invested. I’m all in. Even when it seemed impossible, I was all in with whatever money I had—whatever money I had then, whatever money I have now—as well as time.

I’m getting ready to launch this new business membership for business owners that want to grow and I’m already seeing comments like, “Oh, I just don’t have what it takes to invest.” 

What if you were to pivot that thinking? It’s not about my membership but whatever is going to grow you to the next level. Whoever it’s from—a book, a course, a coach.

If you were to shift that mindset to, “I am going to do this. How can I make this happen? How can I figure out a way to pay for the first couple of installments or even just the first one?” 

And then trust that you are going to show up. You’re going to learn. You’re going to implement so that you’re making money, getting that return on your investment so that you can pay for the next payment. 

Do you know how many times I signed up for a course and I had no idea how I was going to pay for it, but I figured out the first payment and then just winged it? And it was amazing! That’s the best way to learn. 

I got into high quality, amazing trainings because of me taking a risk and knowing that I’m just going to figure it out, whatever I have to do. I think that mindset, that mentality of, “I am going to invest; it’s not optional for me to not invest in my business,” is a huge reason that I had success and that I had success so quickly.

All right, where are all my business babes at? I am freaking out! Literally my fist is clenched and I’m so excited to share this with you!

I have been working on this for a while behind the scenes. I’m so excited to begin opening up the waitlist and getting you beauties into my new monthly membership!

This is for online business owners who want to grow. You already have a business and it’s going, but it’s not where you want it to be. You are ready for more, for higher, for further, for real growth to happen in your online business. 

And girl, I have got you!

This membership is one all-encompassing course dripped out in monthly chunks so you can take real action instead of getting overwhelmed by all the information at once.

I will guide you. We’ll focus on one area of your business at a time. Over the course of 30 days at a time, you are going to seriously move the needle forward in your business and see actual growth.

You’re going to have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs just like you that you can collaborate with and grow alongside of. You’re going to hear from incredible experts. You’re going to learn from me.

You know I’m all about the balance of strategy and spirit when it comes to business. What that means is we’re going to focus on what’s going on internally, on the mindset and emotions, alongside strategies, logical technical strategies, that are going to launch your business to the next level and beyond. That power combo of strategy and spirit is how I launched a business and had about 10 years of growth in just one year.

I am here to help you. I’m here to support you. I am so excited! 

I have called this beautiful new membership, The Up and Up Academy because that’s my motto. That’s what we’re here to do.

There is no time and space for doubt. We’re moms. We’re busy. We’re business owners. We want to go up and up and up and we don’t need to settle for any downs.

Go to Get on that wait list. 

There’s going to be a founding member’s price, so you’re going to want to get on that train. 

This is going to be absolutely mind blowing! So helpful! I am so excited!

I’ve had all of this information, all of these ideas bubbling up inside of me for so long. And to finally create a space, a platform where I can share them, put them, encourage people with them, is really fulfilling. I cannot wait for you to be a part of it! Get on the waitlist for the Up and Up Academy, my new business monthly membership for the online business owner who wants to grow.

Number Five: I visualized.

Gosh, I love visualization so much! Studies show that the mind does really, really well with pictures. This is why we dream and we have visionary things happening in our subconscious because the subconscious does really well with pictures. That’s how it creates our dreams and our thoughts and that’s how it receives as well. 

When I wanted to do something in my business. When I wanted to hit 10K a month in revenue. When I wanted to hit 100K in revenue every month. When I wanted to work with a certain coach that wasn’t accepting new clients. Every level that I wanted no matter what it was, I would make up this movie in my head.

When I was in the shower, going to the bathroom, doing my makeup in the morning, walking with my kids, watching them play at the park, I was playing that movie that I created in my head over and over of that coach sending an email and opening up spots to work with them, me applying and getting accepted, talking to them on the phone, learning from them and soaking up their wisdom.

I use Samcart currently to check out when people buy my courses. I would literally visualize my goal revenue number being on my SamCart dashboard. I would envision women Googling, needing help, finding my business, and enrolling in my courses.

I would make this movie. It was a silent film that was playing in my head over and over and over again.

Call it what you want. Call it weird. Call it woo-woo. 

You guys know I’m an 8 on the Enneagram and you know I’m a pusher. I’m a snowplow. I will make things happen. I’m a doer. I want the strategy, man. 

But when you lean in to that other side, that more feminine, light, mental, emotional side of business, things happen. Things happen! I challenge you to make a movie in your head about the goal you want to reach. 

I do this with my body, with wellness, with relationships. 

Make a movie in your head about where you want to go, what you want, and play it in your head. And one day it will happen. And the weirdest thing of all is it’ll happen almost exactly and sometimes absolutely exactly the way that you envisioned it. 

When we visualize, when we meditate on those thoughts and we just let it play in our heads, we’re communicating something to our minds. Your thoughts create everything. What you’re thinking about creates your beliefs. 

It comes out of your mouth. It creates your words. You act out of your thoughts. That’s powerful. I will never stop talking about the power of visualization, especially in business. 

Number Six: I got into receiving mode. 

I got into receiving mode about a lot of things. I got into receiving mode with money, with help in my business, with everything good. 

What it means to get into receiving mode is to be receptive. Be open. Don’t be narrow-minded about how things are going to work. 

Don’t think, “Okay, this person that I listened to on this podcast or in this course that I bought said that this is how you do it in your business, so that’s what I’m going to do. That’s what I’m available for.”

Be open to receiving other avenues of this goal happening, other ways of this money coming to you, other modes of whatever it is you’re going for. 

Get into a receptive mode for money. Receive money. Are you open to receiving money or are you only open to receiving a certain amount because you’ve got money blocks. 

Get into receiving mode. Be willing to receive help from other people in your business. Be willing to receive good things. Get into a ready-for-anything, open-to-receive mode. That’s huge. 

Number Seven: I became unavailable. 

I became absolutely unavailable for certain things. I realize that’s the opposite of my last point, but it’s about what I became unavailable for. 

I got into a receiving mode for good things—for help, for new wisdom, for new insights, for new ideas, for more money, all those things. But I also became unavailable for things like quitting, the energy of giving up. I became unavailable for not making X amount of impact on X amount of people. 

I became unavailable for not making X amount of money or whatever my goal was at the time.  When I made my first 10K month, as a person, as an energetic living human being, I got into an energy of being absolutely unavailable for making anything less than 10K that month. 

I became unavailable for getting a book deal that was going to be crappy. Do you know how many book deal offers I’ve gotten over the last few years that were weird, shady, or they wanted to own all my intellectual property and they were sending me weird, slimy, contracts and I called it off and said, “No, we’re not doing this?” Or they offered $5,000, $10,000? And I knew that wasn’t what I wanted. 

I want a multiple, multiple, multiple six-figure book deal. I want this to be in one of the top five publishers. I know exactly who I want. 

I visualized getting a book deal with a specific publisher company and that is what happened. I became unavailable for anything less.

I do not settle. You do not settle. 

This is not about perfectionism though. It’s not about waiting for that perfect A+ blog post before you hit publish. Publish B- work and move on. Okay? 

I don’t settle for what really matters. It doesn’t matter if the blog post is absolutely perfect before you hit publish. It does matter if you’re signed with a book publisher that believes the same things as you, is going to support you, and is going to pay you what your brand is worth. 

So I waited. I built a brand. I became unavailable for a crappy book deal. And now I’ve gotten a book deal beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. 

I became unavailable for mediocrity. I got good at everything. I learned what I needed to code things into my website to make it look better. 

I learned what I needed to start a podcast. Every step of the way I got good at everything until I made enough money to where I could hire people that are good at everything, work with them, and delegate to them. 

On every level I’m unavailable for the negative. I’m unavailable for quitting. I’m unavailable for what the energy of giving up feels like. I am unavailable to make anything less than $150,000 a month or whatever it is at the time. 

Number Eight: I took and still take really good care of myself.

Let me just say a fact right now. Basically nobody is talking about this when it comes to business, but I have found that the level that my physical wellness is at is directly related and equal to the level that my business health is at. The energy that I’m feeling toward my audience, toward my tribe, how I’m feeling about them, the revenue that’s coming in, all of that is directly tied to my physical well being. 

This is why you see me much of the time going off the grid on the weekends on Instagram. This is why you see me a lot of the time wearing eye masks, face masks, taking long bubble baths, or going for long walks without my children. I went on a girls’ trip to Nashville the year before Covid. 

I take really good care of myself and my level of well being as a person. What I’m eating, what I’m putting in my body, how I’m feeling. You guys know I have a hormone disorder, so how am I feeling with that? 

Am I taking care of that? Am I working to balance them? Am I hydrating? 

I limit my cups of coffee now. That’s a really big deal for me. I’m careful with how much caffeine I’m intaking. 

I’m a hydration machine. I move my body literally every single day when previously I would never work out and almost make fun of people that worked out all the time. And that comes from a place of insecurity for every single person that does that, by the way, myself included. 

I’m mindful about what I’m eating. I learned to eat intuitively, listen to my body, and give it what it needs because here’s the thing. My physical body is the vehicle for my purpose. Your physical body is the vehicle for your purpose. 

If your physical body is sick, if you’re running yourself into the ground, if your skin is dry as heck, broken out, if your body is unhealthy, if you are carrying around extra weight that’s not good for your body type, if you’re eating crappy foods, if you’re driving through Taco Bell all the time, if you’re not drinking water, your business is going to reflect that because your physical self is the vehicle for your purpose. 

I need you to understand how serious that is. I take care of myself because it makes me feel good and it makes me show up for my purpose. When I walk out on a stage and I give a presentation, I’m going to speak to a group of people. 

I need to be awake, alive, alert, healthy. I need to feel confident. I need to feel good.

When I’m live every single day as I usually am except weekends, I need to be energetic. I need to be in a place that’s really good and really physically, emotionally, ,spiritually, and mentally healthy.

And that is a lot to cover. That’s going to take a lot of caring. That’s going to take a lot of time, energy, and input. I give that to myself. 

I stopped being sorry for that. I stopped telling myself and other people, “I’m so high maintenance. I’m such a whiny creative. I’m so high maintenance,” B.S. 

You get up. You stop. Shut the laptop. 

Get in the bubble bath. Put a charcoal mask on. Do the teeth whiteners. 

Go for the run. Go for a walk. Do yoga. Sign up for Pilates. 

You show up for yourself because you are the physical vehicle for the purpose that God literally breathed into you. You have a responsibility to take care of yourself and show up. 

Stop being sorry. You’re not high maintenance. You’re human. 

You have a purpose and you better show up for that. I am so serious about this topic. 

Number Nine: I became unapologetic.

I became unapologetic about taking care of myself and how much I do that. I became unapologetic about what I was after. I stopped feeling bad for wanting massive things to happen in my business and in my life.

I stopped playing small. I stopped shrinking down. I would specifically do this around men, I found. 

I would downplay my accomplishments. I would get a little squeaky and quiet about my goals. I am done. I am no longer available for that energy in my life. 

I am unapologetic about what I’m after. I am not here to start a little business. I am here to create a massive global household name and movement that deeply impacts the women of this world. That is what I’m here to do and I am unapologetic about that. 

I am no longer going to shrink down to make somebody else feel comfortable. This is who I am. This is what I am made to do. I am loud and proud and ready for it. 

I became unapologetic about what I was after.

Number Ten and it’s so important: I balanced strategy and spirit. 

I say that all the time in the business side of things in my life. This is what I mean by that: In so much business training, there is just so much strategy—Here’s the funnel that made millions. Here’s the sales page that made $5 billion for this copywriter. 

You know what I mean. All the strategy. And strategy is great. I love strategy.

Then on the other side you’ve got people that are swinging way far the other way on the pendulum, which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with either of these methods. We need them both. I just prefer to balance them both together. 

So in me, people are getting both the balance of strategy and spirit. And I’m living that way in myself as well as in how I run my company and how I built this empire. 

On the other side is spiritual. It’s always coupled with woo-woo, new-age stuff and if that floats your boat, phenomenal. It floats my boat too. But it’s always kind of put over there as, “Oh, that’s for ‘those’ people.” 

This is so important. What I’m about to say is so important. It’s probably one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my life over the last year and a half/two years. 

When we put things over in this compartment of “those people,” we’re only hurting ourselves. We are limiting ourselves from learning. 

We’re limiting ourselves from looking at something and asking, “What can I learn from this? How does this line up with what I have believed in my life? How does this line up with what I believe right now? What can they learn from this?”

People say, “The Bible is for people ‘like that’.” So there’s nothing you can learn from the Bible then? 

“Oh, crystals are weird; they’re for people “like that.” So, you wouldn’t be happier if you had some nature in a bowl in your house? 

That wouldn’t lift your spirit? That wouldn’t lift your energy up? That wouldn’t make you happy? 

There’s nothing there for you? You think rocks are just pointless? Okay. 

There’s nothing you can learn from getting still and practicing meditation? Do you see what I’m saying? 

When we think, “Oh, I’m scared of that; it’s over there,” and we’re not confident in what we believe, who we see God as, and what we believe, we shut ourselves off. 

In business and in building what I’ve built so far, I’ve balanced those two sides of things. I am open to strategy. I love it. I am all about it. 

I think that without strategy, we lack intentionality in business. But I think without the spiritual side of things and diving deep into our subconscious, diving deep into our mindset, our money blocks, our issues, we cannot grow. 

I was doing all the strategy in the world. I was working my butt off. But I was neglecting the spiritual side of things. 

I had this massive block that I was going to disappoint my dad if I made it in my business because I was told that if you don’t go to college, you’re going to flip burgers, you’re going to fail. 

I dropped out of college and got married. And I didn’t want to disappoint my dad. So I had this big, big block, this wall that I had let buildup in my mind keeping me from success. 

When I got spiritual and I worked on that, when I gave that to God, worked through it and tore it down, my business literally exploded overnight. And that’s the $25,000 in PayPal story that you’ll hear in episode six. That was that day. 

We must be open. We must balance strategy and spirit. I know so confidently that that balance is a huge part of why my story has gone the way it has, why the growth I’ve experienced has happened and why it happened so quickly. And why it continues to happen so quickly. 

So that’s it! 10 things that I did to build my empire to where it is today. I hope this inspired the crap out of you!

Please take a screenshot and tell me. I love spending time with you guys, but it is so much time and I would love to just hear from you, see you screenshot and tag me on Instagram. 

Share with your friends to listen to this episode if they want to build their own empire, if they’re working on that. 

Love you guys so much!

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I am always rooting for you, friend! See ya next time!


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