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Ep 181: Rhythms: The Key to A Simplified, Less-Stress Life

In today’s episode we’re getting into rhythms. This is something that I talk about a lot but there are always questions about it, because it can feel really complicated. I’m going to expand on what rhythms are, what they actually do, why you need them, and how they can be such a solution for you. Let’s dive in! 





In This Episode Allie Discusses:

  • The difference in rhythms and routines 

  • What rhythms are 

  • What anchors are 

  • The benefits of rhythms

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Mom life. We’re surrounded by the message that it’s the tired life. The no-time-for-myself life. The hard life. We’re supposed to get through it. Survive. Cling on by the last little thread. And at the same time, Carpe Diem—enjoy every moment because it’s going to go by so fast. The typical mom culture that sends us all kinds of mixed, typically negative messages. We shouldn’t take care of ourselves; it’s selfish. The more ragged you run yourself, the bigger your badge of honor. But also, ditch your mom bod and work out. Don’t yell. Make more money. Show up. Be better, but not at the expense of time with your kids. I am putting a hard stop to all of this. While being a mom, running a business, and whatever else you might have going on is hard, it is a lot and there’s lots of giving of yourself, the idea that motherhood means living a joyless, nonstop-hustle-with-zero-balance kind of life, where you give and give and give and never take, needs to stop. 

I’m on a mission to help you stop counting down the minutes till bedtime (at least most days). Stop the mom guilt and shame game. Stop cleaning up after your kids’ childhood and start being present for it. I want to help you thrive in work, home and life. I believe in John 10:10 that we are called to living an abundant life and I know moms are not excluded from that promise. Join me in conversations about simplicity, some business and life hacks, spirituality and lots of other good stuff that leads to a life of less for the sake of enjoying more in your motherhood. I’m Allie Casazza and this is The Purpose Show.

Hi friends! Welcome back to The Purpose Show! In today’s episode we’re going to get really detailed about something that I discuss a lot. There are always questions about it because it can feel really complicated. 

It doesn’t have to be. It can certainly remove complications from your life and make things so much simpler for you. It perfectly ties into some amazing things we have going on in my business this week, so we’re going to talk about it. 

What we’re going into today is rhythms. Maybe you’ve heard me mentioned rhythms. Maybe you’ve heard me talk about them, but you haven’t really understood it. If you’re not in the Unburdened program, then you wouldn’t really have gotten a full, deep dive and that’s because it’s a lot. There’s a whole entire section of that program that’s about rhythms because it is so much. 

Today I’m going to expand on what rhythms are, what they actually do, why you need them, and how they can be such a solution for you moms that are listening and really anybody. We’ve got a couple of dads in the course. We’ve definitely got women who are not mothers that are in the course. It’s helpful to streamline and simplify. 

The misconception that happens when I speak about rhythms is that people are not understanding where to put them in their day. How to attach them to the things in their week that are already happening to really fully automate their lives. I’m going to dive really deep into that in this episode.

The first thing you need to understand is that rhythms are not routines. Typically, routines are a list of things that you typically do. For example, Wednesday is kitchen day; Thursday is bathroom day or bathroom & laundry day. And that’s a routine you stick with all the time, no matter what else is going on, no matter what else you’re doing. 

It’s really rigid. It’s not customizable by the other things that you’re doing in your day. They are typically things that somebody else made on the internet that you download, laminate, and pin to your fridge. 

Or it’s something that you create in your mind when you’re thinking, “Okay, I’m done! I’m so sick of being overwhelmed. I’m so sick of things not working out the way I want them to. I’m going to create a routine and I’m going to stick with it.”

This could be for your business. It could be for running your home. It could be for your kid’s schooling. It could be for anything. I have rhythms for homeschooling because routines don’t work for us in homeschooling. 

Basically if routines have not worked for you or they never stick, rhythms can definitely help you. Of course you still have to show up and do the work, but they’re definitely more for people who are not super Type A and don’t do really well with extreme rigidity like doing all the laundry every Wednesday. They’re for people who feel unhappy in routines like that like I do. 

I’ve talked a lot about how I felt when I had a set day that I was supposed to do the laundry. I was dreading Thursdays because who wants to dedicate an entire day to something as mundane as the frickin laundry? But when I switched and shifted it to just doing a small load every couple of days in the morning, changing t