Ep 362: Body Neutrality: A Balanced Approach to Self-Image and Self-Love with Jessi Kneeland

March 6, 2024

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I want to dive deep into a topic that’s close to my heart and essential for us all – body neutrality. I recently had the honor of hosting Jessi Kneeland, an incredible coach, writer, and speaker dedicated to helping people overcome body image issues, on The Purpose Show. Our conversation was nothing short of transformative, and I can’t wait to share the highlights with you.

We live in a world that constantly bombards us with messages about how our bodies should look, leading to endless cycles of self-criticism and dissatisfaction. But what if we could step off this emotional rollercoaster? Jessi introduced us to the empowering concept of body neutrality – a perspective that moves beyond the extremes of body hate or body love to a place of peaceful acceptance.

What is Body Neutrality?

Jessi shared that body neutrality is about seeing our bodies as they are without attaching excessive positive or negative significance to them. It’s a more achievable, realistic goal that honors our bodies without making them the centerpiece of our worth or happiness.

How to Achieve Body Neutrality

So, how do we get there? Jessi shared some game-changing steps:

  1. Recognize the Narratives: We all have stories we tell ourselves about our bodies, rooted in years of societal messages and personal experiences. It’s time to question those tales. Why do we believe them? Who benefits from them?
  2. Feel Your Feelings: It’s okay to have days where we’re not thrilled with what we see. Body neutrality allows space for those feelings without letting them dictate our worth or our day.
  3. Focus on Functionality: Our bodies are incredible. They breathe, move, hug, dance, and so much more. Let’s celebrate that instead of nitpicking in the mirror.

Join the Conversation

This episode of The Purpose Show is a must-listen for anyone yearning to break free from the confines of conventional body image ideals and embrace a more liberating, neutral perspective. Jessi Kneeland’s wisdom and practical advice offer a beacon of hope and a roadmap for those of us seeking to find peace with our bodies.

Listen to the full episode and learn how body neutrality can transform your relationship with your body and, ultimately, your life.

And remember, beautiful friend, you are more than your body. You are worthy, capable, and deserving of love and respect, just as you are. Let’s take this journey toward body neutrality together, supporting and uplifting each other every step of the way.

For more insights, tips, and behind-the-scenes peeks into my life and this lifestyle, follow me on Instagram. And if you found value in this post or the episode, consider leaving a review on Apple Podcasts. Your support means the world to me, and together, we can continue to make life simpler, better, and more abundant.

Till next time, I’m rooting for you always.

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I'm here to shake things up and challenge the status quo of motherhood. Let's throw out the rulebook and create a new narrative where moms are living their dream lives. Unapologetically.

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