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Ep 272: Motherhood In ADHD with Patricia Sung


ADHD – it’s not something we talk about enough, especially as moms trying to juggle it all and care for others. We feel a disconnect between what should be working and what isn’t, and we continue to ignore it. But what if we faced it straight on? ADHD touches every portion of your life. When you don’t address your ADHD you won’t ever be successful. You have to acknowledge and embrace it before you can implement action and change in your life to support it. I am so excited to have my friend Patricia Sung on to discuss Motherhood in ADHD. This is something she is not only passionate about, but personally connected to.

*Even if you don’t have ADHD, there is so much power in this episode for you!

Patricia Sung helps moms with ADHD get their stuff together one step at a time and feel confident running their family life. After years of serial entrepreneurship and teaching middle school, she has a uniquely practical perspective on strategies for building a life that works when your brain is different. If you’re looking for more than theoretical textbook advice, Patricia teaches from a unique viewpoint from her years of effective application in the classroom, as well as her own life. Her podcast, Motherhood in ADHD, is a lighthouse for mamas who have ADHD, reminding us that we are never alone in our struggles.

In this episode Allie + Patricia discuss:

  • The hamster wheel of thoughts and whether it is normal or not
  • How embracing how your brain works brings freedom into your everyday
  • What Medusa Mom is, why you should acknowledge it, and ways you can make a different choice

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