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Ep 273: Setting Intent For The Holiday Season


Let’s get ready for the holiday season in an unconventional way. I am not talking about gifts, organizing shopping lists, or clearing the clutter. I am talking about setting the intent for the holiday season.

Before I do anything – literally anything – I set the intent. Setting the intent lays the foundation for what I expect, it brings awareness, and helps me navigate what could happen in a smooth way.

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of the holiday season or like it is a burden right now, you are not alone. Let’s get ahead of those feelings and set the intent for what you want this upcomingseason to look like for you, and for your family.

In this episode Allie discusses:

  • The power of setting the intent for the holidays and how it will shift your experience in it.
  • It is ok for your intention to change holiday to holiday.
  • Simple questions you can discuss as a family to set the intent for this holiday season together.

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