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Ep 274: How I Worked Through A Lifetime of Betrayals to Call In Authentic Friendships


I am going to be REALLY honest with you. Friendships don’t come naturally to me. I have been through a lot of trauma when it comes to friendships and it wasn’t until I dug deep and did the hard work this year that I found healing and friendship took a positive turn.

If you are in a season where you are struggling to find good friends, I feel you. I get it. But there is so much more for you! You deserve other women in your corner pushing you forward in life. Do the hard work. Heal from the broken friendships. And allow yourself to open up to new ones. It’s worth it, friend. I promise you. Let’s heal through this together.


In this episode Allie discusses:

— Her experience with friendships growing up and how those experiences shaped her adult friendships

— How she defines authentic friendships now and the value that has carried into developing new friendships

— Tools that helped her heal from the pain (they will help you too!)


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