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Ep 280: The Very Real Fear of Being Seen Online


Let’s talk about the reality of showing up online. People see where I am now and see the confidence I have online and don’t realize the struggle I faced at the beginning.

Friend, I would have panic attacks even thinking about going live on Instagram or showing up for my online community. I would freak out thinking about being judged or negative comments.

But if like me, you have a social media account that supports your business you HAVE to overcome your fear of being seen online. Don’t let them control you or stop you from the message you are meant to share with the world. You got this, babe. Let’s dive into this together.

In this episode Allie discusses:

  • The early days of going live on Instagram and the anxiety she experienced.
  • How you can make unfamiliar things familiar to you that helps settle your anxiety around doing something that feels scary (like showing up online!)
  • Stepping into a place of neutrality — it is the very thing that will help you overcome your fears.

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