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Ep 284: How To Run & Scale Your Business In Less Than 10 Hours A Week with Holly Haynes

January 18, 2023

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I'm here to shake things up and challenge the status quo of motherhood. Let's throw out the old rulebook and create a new narrative where moms are living their dream lives unapologetically.

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Feel like you need a total revamp?


I get it, daily routines can be overwhelming. But you? You're seeking life ownership. Dive into this beloved guide and tap into easy self-reflection, without overtaxing your brain.


    • Calling all business owners who are ready to DITCH the hustle and scale your business in less time each week. This episode is for YOU! (And if you are hesitating starting a business at all, this may just be the conversation that inspires you to just go for it).

      I am excited to sit with Holly Haynes and talk all things business — getting organized, implementing theme days to set your focus, and scaling back your hours in a way that brings growth.

      Holly Haynes is a business strategist and the kind of girl who loves a good plan and flow chart. She is super passionate about helping women build their dream career and scale to 6-figures (and beyond) without giving up their weekends or changing their priorities in a way they don’t want to. After 22 years in corporate strategy work for Fortune 500 companies, she ditched the office to build a business with her husband full-time. (Oh and they did it in less than 2 years, during the pandemic with twins!)

      Friends, meet your new business bestie Holly Haynes.

      In this episode Allie and Holly discuss:

      ⏰ Setting hours to focus on your business takes balancing consistency with flexibility.

      ???? Theme days; what they are, how they WILL change your business, and how to handle the emergencies that may pop up on an off-day

      ???? Seeing your content through the perspective of repurposing. It will save you time and scale your business!

      ???? Cake method … layers of cake and sprinkles can be related to your business

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