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Ep 283: How to Create A Morning Routine That Sets You Up For A Good Day


    • Your morning routine has the power to set you up for success for the rest of your day — it should work FOR you and bring ease to your life. It should not be rigid or driven by rules, but be fluid and personal.

      Every new season of my life usually brings a shift in my morning routine. And the one thing I have learned is this: If it’s hard to stick to, it’s not actually serving you.

      Before you create a morning routine you have to define what a successful day means to YOU (and only you can define that). For me, I want to be happy, feel good, and be really present. That is my foundation for a morning routine that gets me ready to experience THAT success. And I know you can experience that same success everyday. Pop in your headphones, grab a notebook or open your notes app, and let’s create a morning routine that works FOR you.

      I want to see your routines! Tag me on Instagram as you figure out your routine and even as you live it out. I cannot wait to see YOU living our your definition of success, babe.

      In this episode Allie discusses:

      🤩 Why it is important to define what a successful day is for YOU before you create a morning routine

      ☀️ Her current morning routine — she breaks it down moment by moment!

      📝 Prompts + questions you can use to get started creating YOUR morning routine

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