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How I Structure My Schedule

September 14, 2018

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Let’t talk organization + structure. Organizing and structuring months. Organizing and structuring the week. Organizing and structuring the day to day. How do you find balance in all that you have going on? Where does your job fit in? Where does schooling fit in? Where does personal stuff fit in? How about housework and cooking.

I will say that there is a lot going on in my life, but I definitely feel very present, focused, and like I am never really stretched too, too thin.

Let’s dive in and talk all about how I structure my schedule. Maybe you’ll pick up a few tips and tricks here and there that will help your days flow a bit more smoothly.

let me tell you about “batching”

Basically, you segment your work by type. If you are writing emails, you are writing emails. You are not writing your emails, then checking in on social media, then recording a podcast episode. You are “batching” your work. You are putting similar tasks together.

Basically the idea behind this is that in terms of your psyche, it makes you more productive because you are already in that zone. You are already in the zone of writing emails or writing blog posts, or homeschooling kids. You are already in that mindset and in that zone of your brain, so you don’t have to switch tasks and re-gauge yourself. You’re already there.

I have a “batch-style” schedule. It is very flexible and changes as needed. I think even if you are not an entrepreneur you can absolutely use the idea of batching with your schedule, even with housework and stuff like that.

It is very flexible. I believe in having a rigid schedule set up but being gracious to yourself and allowing yourself flexibility because that’s life. It is much easier if you can ebb and flow as needed instead of trying to be perfectionistic.


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batching my days

It’s important that I plan my week in advance in a flexible batch style schedule.

Here’s how that looks:

MONDAY: I complete work tasks. Often these are the days where I am recording the podcast, interviewing guests for the podcasts, etc. I am in a good working mindset, after coming off of a restful weekend. Brian does schooling with the kids while I work.

TUESDAY-THURSDAY: Less business work, heavier homeschool days. If there’s something I really need to get done, I work first, then do school with the kids after. I may knock out a couple of tasks, but these days are more school focused days

FRIDAY: Batched meetings all day. There are always different needs for meetings, but I always have the same few meetings, weekly. Depending on the load and the need that week, I have at least a couple of hours of meetings on Fridays, sometimes more than that.


batching my month

Typically, the last week of every month and the first week of every month, I am recording the podcast for the following month. For example, the last week of February and the first week of March I was recording for April. 

There is a huge benefit in having cushion and giving yourself space and time.

Aside from those two recording intensive weeks, the other two weeks of the month consist of working a bit more heavily on things like: writing emails and blog posts, and connecting with my audience through things like livestreams or Instagram stories.


batching my personal life + housework

Brian and I have a weekly date night. It is kind of religious for us. We only skip it if we have to. Even then, we will try to squeeze in some time alone together because we look forward to it. Similarly. we try to get in some one-on-one time with our kids whenever we can.

With housework and stuff like that I try to look ahead. I like to plan meals ahead of time, based on our schedule that week. I try to have my family eat at home whenever we can. We definitely do enjoy eating out, so if we need to, the night calls for it, and it is going to be a lot easier, we will definitely eat out together.

In terms of cleaning and maintaining my house, I am a big believer in not scheduling this per se and getting it all done as I go. Basically, a “see something that needs to be cleaned and do it right then and there” mentality. If a mess is made, clean it. I also have my kids do as many chores as they can for their ages. This is great because while I am doing one chore, they can do another. We get a lot more done that way!

I also have a housekeeping team that comes every other week to the do the deep cleaning stuff because I do work and I would rather have that time with my family and pay for that to be delegated.

That’s how I do it! Batching has really helped me a lot. There are some weeks that are really, really heavy and busy. Sometimes you just go through a busy season and that’s OK. There is grace for that. There’s takeout for that. There are crockpot meals for that. There are cereal nights for that.

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