Everything You Need to Know to Simplify Your Life Right Now

April 4, 2019

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Hey mama! Did you know that I have a podcast called The Purpose Show?

If you did, I’m giving you all  the high-fives; if you didn’t, I’m still giving you all the high-fives but also a love-push to go check out my podcast!

I just recently recorded the 100th episode, which is still just so surreal to me and I can’t even believe. Like what is my life?

If you’re new to podcasts, they’re kind of like a radio show—it’s all audio. You can download the episodes from iTunes, the Podcast app (if you have an iPhone), and there are other apps that you can listen from also. Or you can check it out on my website, I post them all here!

Each episode covers a different topic—kind of like the audio version of a blog. Most of the episodes actually have what we call “show notes” so they can be read like a blog post if reading’s more your thing 😉


  • Narrow in on your why behind decluttering
  • Throw away twenty things right now
  • Discover how to simplify the two biggest time-suckers: dishes and laundry.


In case you haven’t noticed, The purpose of my podcast—and really of my whole business—is to get you to a point in your motherhood and in your life where you’re living intentionally and abundantly.

And all of that really boils down to simplifying your life and your time. Because (as Annie Dillard says) how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.

I am so passionate about this and I feel my purpose—outside of my family—is to help other women experience the joy that comes from a life of less. I’ve pulled together 5 of the most helpful episodes of the Purpose Show to give you the low-down on everything you need to know to simplify your life RIGHT NOW:

Ep 011 – Taking Care of Yourself

Self care is talked about so much in our culture but I don’t think we—especially moms—are actually taking action on it. I mean, what good is it doing us to talk about taking care of ourselves while never actually putting down our to-do list to give ourselves a little t-l-c?

We are so busy looking out for so many other people that we forget that we matter, too! In this episode, I explain why taking care of yourself matters and ways you can fit self-care into your hella-busy schedule.

Ep 031 – An Uncluttered Life

Living an uncluttered life is about more than your physical possessions. It reaches out to your health, your calendar, your obligations, your relationships.

It’s about letting go of excess, saying no to things that don’t serve your family and your purpose, putting boundaries around your relationships and your schedule so that you can live a more joy-filled life.

Ep 020 – Balance and Simplicity for the Busy Family

In today’s culture being “busy” is seen as either a badge of honor or something that is really negative. Like, if you have too much whitespace in your calendar you’re lazy, but if you don’t, you work too hard, ignore your kids, and don’t enjoy your life.

And honestly, I think both views are pretty incorrect. Life is lived in seasons. Some seasons will be busier than others. That’s just the way it is. The key is finding systems and rhythms that will help you in whatever season you’re in to run your life well so it’s not running you!

Ep 065 – The Beginner’s Guide to a Minimalist Home

There is a connection between minimalism and motherhood. It’s scientifically proven that women with cluttered homes tend to be more depressed and anxious. There have been actual studies done on this connection.

So, minimalism is good for you!

But we have to move beyond simply decluttering to truly experience the joy that comes with minimalism. I know that as moms, we have enough things competing for our time and the last thing you need is a rigid cleaning schedule or a list of tasks to check off every day. That’s not what I’m about at all.

Organization is not a real solution. Less stuff is a real solution. I’m giving you the gift of less so that you can enjoy more in your motherhood!

Ep 025 – How to Deal with Negativity from Other People

Good. Lord. It seems like anytime you try to share anything—especially online—someone will find a way to be offended by it. Or they’ll have something critical to say about it.

Negativity is such a prominent thing in our society and the truth is: it’s never going to stop. Some people are just negative and super irritating and they don’t wanna change.

So, we need to set ourselves free from the weight of the opinions of other people and just live how we are called to live. Because when you stop letting negativity affect you, you’ve won.

You can simplify your life. You can have a joy-filled, intentional, abundant life no matter what season of life you’re in right now. This life isn’t for later. It’s for now. It’s for you, sweet mama!

A few years ago, I was practically drowning. In stuff. In obligations. In unhealthy choices. I was not happy. By making these changes, I went from literally struggling to force myself to get out of bed every morning to living my purpose every single day.

I want this for you! Listen to these episodes, read these shownotes, join my Hassle to Harmony video series, then take ACTION. You, mama, are a FORCE and you can change your life!

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