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Episode 004: Positive Words for Your Children

Words can be an incredible way of bringing positivity into your life and the life of your children.

I’ve always been drawn to words. I can remember as a child and now as an adult looking back and realizing how special this was. I literally had a relationship with words. I’d make up stories. I’d take classic fairy tales and rewrite them into my own versions, I just loved being surrounded by words.

Words have always just been a really powerful passion in my life.

The other side of words are that they can slice deep, especially in marriage. Any flaw you have, is magnified 1000% in marriage. So, while words have been a crazy positive gift for me, they’ve also been a weakness.

Words have shaped some circumstances of my life, and in today’s episode I want to share a how effective words have been in changing the behavior of my children.




In this episode, Allie discusses:

  • The effect words have on you in both a positive and negative way.

  • How easy it is to complain and use negative words to describe things, and why it’s important to switch your words to the positive.

  • Why it is important to speak positive words over your children.

  • In the beginning it may be uncomfortable to speak positive words or scriptures over your children, but find a place or a way that works for you. Allie shares how she does it.

  • Changing the words that you speak to and over your children has the power to completely change their behavior.

  • Tips and suggestions on where to find positive affirmations and scriptures, and how you can store them on your phone.



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