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Ep 101: Stop Over-Complicating Decision Making

We all do it. We all over-complicate decision making because sometimes it is easier to not make a decision than to take action on a decision. But unmade decisions carry unnecessary weight and unwanted stress that shouldn’t have to carry. Some decisions cannot be made right away and need time, but whenever they can be made right away, just do it. Just get it done. Do what you have to do to come to a decision as quickly as possible – then you won’t have to carry that load any more! On the flip side, if you have a big decision to make, I hope you find this episode helpful as I share how I process making decisions (and avoid over-complicating them!)




In This Episode Allie Discusses:

  • The weight unmade decisions carry.

  • Understanding the difference between decisions you can make now and decisions you have to process through before you can take action.

  • Various ways she processes through decisions.

  • The power of taking action even while you wait to make a decision (and what that actually looks like!)

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Hey beauties! Welcome back to The Purpose Show, or welcome if this is your first time listening! I’m so excited because today we’ve got another stop-over-complicating pep talk episode. I love these!

We’ve been doing them for a little while. There are several if you wanted to go back and find them. Basically, what this is…I guess it’s like a personal philosophy that I have in my own life. I try to simplify everything that I can. It stems from minimalism, my story, and my own personal motherhood of how my life was before and then how I came to figure out that my problem and why I was struggling with depression, overwhelm, I was yelling at my kids and snapping at my husband, nagging, and just not the person that I wanted to be in any of my close relationships because everything was overstuffed and over complicated.

As I purged that physical clutter, it taught me something philosophical about the internal stuff too. I found that we overcomplicate things so much of the time from healthy eating, housework, marriage, relationships, and things like making decisions.

So, the stop-over-complicating series is just kind of an ongoing thing that I do when inspiration strikes.

I was going through my Instagram messages, as I do sometimes, and looking for the types of things that make episodes that you guys need, and this came up a lot. Then I had a conversation with a friend over lunch that lined up with this and I was just like, “It’s happening. This is showing up in my path over and over again. We’re going to do a stop-over-complicating episode about making decisions.”

First, what you need to know is that unmade decisions weigh you down. When you know that something needs to be decided, you’ve got to decide something that you’re going to do, big/small/whatever, unmade decisions wear you down. It’s like a mental clutter. It affects us. It makes us feel stressed.

Some decisions, I realize, cannot be made right away and need time, but whenever they can be made right away, just do it. Just get it done. Do what you have to do to come to a decision as quickly as possible.

For example, today I was going about my day. I’ve got my schedule. I’ve got my to-do list. I’m just getting stuff done. And something small came up. My COO got in touch with me and she was like, “Hey, I just need you to look over the two emails that I sent you. Could you do that?” And I said, “Sure.” I started to add it to my to-do list and I stopped myself and thought, “This is adding length to my to-do list. I’m sitting at my computer right now and I’m not in the middle of anything. I could just check them right now.” So, I checked them right away and got it done. Then the decision was made. Everything was out of the way and my to-do list didn’t get any longer. It only took me a couple minutes.

Try to avoid adding things to your to-do list and just get it done whenever possible. Don’t interrupt important work, but whenever possible, just get it out of the way. Because when things linger and they’re not finished, unmade decisions are lingering, it weighs us down and it causes stress. It literally causes your cortisol to rise.

We need to get decisions off of our plate whenever we can. So, call whoever is involved and talk through it real quick, go for a walk and pray about it, ask God to show up and He totally will, for those smaller decisions like are we going to do this trip? Are we going to send that email? Are we going to have dinner with your parents? Whatever it is, just get it off your plate whenever you can.

But sometimes decisions are bigger and you need more time, or some other circumstances outside of the dry decision need to fall into place for you to know what to do.

I want to share with you guys my mental process on making decisions. The reason is I get asked a lot how we seem to make so many really big decisions so often, and so confidently.

First of all, I want to say that that is just the outsider’s view on the inside. On the inside obviously I’m not live streaming on Instagram me and Brian fretting over a decision or arguing because we think we should do something different than the other person thinks. You’re not seeing all of that. But I will say that our life is really full and really intense.

There’s a lot of things that are a byproduct of our business and the fact that we’re seen that bring up a lot of big decisions. We’ve made a lot of big decisions. We’ve made them very publicly and we’ve even gone back on them very publicly. Both of those are decisions…like making the initial decision and then making the decision to not move forward anymore with the original decision, to change our minds. We do make those decisions very confidently because of the process in making decisions that we have in place.

I’m going to just share my personal decision making process.

First of all, I’m an external processor, so I need to talk things out. I will grab my husband and we will go for a walk around the block and just talk through something. I will literally just go up to him and say, “Hey, I really need to talk something out.”

Ashley, she’s on my team. She runs the podcast and my schedule. She and her husband were hanging out with me and Brian in Nashville and I saw her doing the same thing. And I know she has the same personality type as I do, or the same number on the Enneagram, and I know that she’s also an external processor, which is one of the reasons that we work so great together because we can talk things out and come to decisions very quickly and effectively.

I saw her do the same thing to her husband, Billy. She said, “Hey babe, will you pause real quick? I need to talk something out with you.” She said a few sentences and came to her own decision without Billy really even doing anything. And that’s exactly how it works for me.

Brian is an internal processor. We talked about this in our marriage episode. I don’t remember which episode it was, but I’ll find it and link to it for you guys in the show notes. We talked about our difference in personalities and how it can cause conflict, but how we work through it and make it work for us instead of against us.

One of the things that is a part of that is the fact that he processes internally, so it’ll seem like he’s not listening because he’s just quiet and still because he’s thinking, and I have to talk it out.

When I need to make a decision, I’ve got to talk it out. So, if I need to call Hayley (that’s the COO that I mentioned earlier) and talk something out with her for a business decision, or if I need to go for a walk with Brian, if I need to just pace downstairs while Brian sits and does nothing and just talk it out, but there’s gotta be another person there and I’ve got to be talking it out to that person.

Even if they just sit and do nothing and they don’t contribute to the conversation, I’ve got to talk it out. It’s weird. I wish I could change it because it’s unfortunate when I am running a business. I wish I could just sit and think about something and come to a decision, but I can’t. I have to process it out loud. There has got to be another living body there.

So that is one of the things that I do. There’s no shame in that if you’re resonating with that and you’re like, “Oh, I think I’m an external processor.” To learn to talk it out, get your people in your corner and talk it out. Offer to take your mom to lunch and just talk it out with her or get the kids in the car and go for a little drive and just talk things out with your husband.

Figure out a way for you to be able to do that because as you talk it out you work through the problems. 95% of the time you come to your own conclusion without the other person even doing anything, or doing much of anything. You just needed to start your brain flow. The way that external processors start their brain flow and get it flowing is by talking it out.

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Another idea, especially for those who might be more internal processors, is to journal through it or do a pros/cons lists. Something with pen to paper. There’s power in that. Just start journaling. Just start writing. Open up your journal and just write, “I’m in the middle of making a decision about whether or not to take this job” or “I’m in the middle of making a decision about how to handle this disciplinary issue with this child.” Whatever it is, just start writing.

It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t need to be pretty or perfect. Just start writing a sentence. When your pen starts to flow, your brain starts to flow and you will have no more issues journaling through this problem. And pros/cons lists…old school, but it’s amazing. They work. Try it.

I also want to talk about another part of my mental process of making decisions is just sleeping on it.

Studies show that our subconscious actually works things out for us while we sleep, and that’s an amazing, amazing gift that our bodies and our brains give us. So, give your decisions some time to air out. Give it some space and watch what happens while you sleep.

So many times I will go to bed not really knowing what to do about something, just kind of sifting it around in my brain a little bit. I’ll talk it out with Brian and go through the evening like that, and not really come to anything exactly. But I’ll go to sleep and I’ll wake up and I’ll know what to do.

This also happens when I need an idea for something, like a business idea or a way to communicate something to the kids for homeschooling, and I just can’t really figure it out. I’ll go to sleep and just ask myself, “What could I do to teach them this important topic in an effective way? What’s going to work for my kids?” And I go to sleep with that, and wake up in the morning and have the answer. Try it. Sleep on it. See what happens.

Another piece of the process for me is imagining the details of each choice, each option. Take a second and imagine that I chose option A and walk down that path of my life with that choice. Visualize the details.

Let’s say that you’re trying to decide if you’re going to homeschool or send your kids to school. That’s a big decision. So, imagine the details. Imagine yourself homeschooling your kids. Imagine the hard days, the frustrations, what conversations might be had, how you might feel, how they might feel. How will your child’s personality show up as a homeschooled kid? How will your personality show up as a homeschooling parent?

Imagine the days. Imagine them being there when you wake up. What would you guys do in the morning? What time of day would you start school? Imagine, feel yourself walking through your life (not your life, cause that’s overwhelming) but a couple of days as this decision has been made, we are homeschooling. Let yourself feel what it feels like to live in that decision.

Then option B, sending them to school. Imagine the details of getting them a backpack. Packing them up each day, having to wake them up early. Imagine the pros and the cons of each choice. The con of homeschooling…it’s hard having your kids there all the time. Imagine yourself doing that.

But that’s also a pro. How does it feel to enjoy every moment with them?

Sending them to school…con…they don’t get to rest in the morning until they’re ready to wake up. They’ve got to get up super early and jump on it and get ready for school. Pro…you have time in your day where you are a little bit separate so it makes being together all that much sweeter.

Let yourself live out each option. Imagine yourself living in it. Sometimes you get a gut feeling…one feels really great even though it’s a little scary and feels hard and you’re not sure but still you know that it’s right.

That’s mostly my process for making decisions. I hope that was helpful.

Just going over it before I move on…talking it out because I’m an external processor. Journaling through it or making a pros/cons list. This is helpful for internal processors. Sleeping on it. Giving decisions time and space and just seeing what happens in the morning. Imagining the details of each choice option. See how I feel living in each decision in my head.

I also want to talk about something that I see happening all the time. I think it’s important. Obviously, it’s important for me that I pray about my decisions. That’s something that I do for pretty much everything, like ridiculously small things and huge things.

But I think it’s also really important to walk forward while you pray and think about what to do. Don’t just stand still until you know everything for every step of the way.

One example is for when we were buying a house. We didn’t really know what we were supposed to do, where we were supposed to live. A house came up in front of us and we just walked forward and moved forward with buying it. We had just started to like, “Okay, we’re going to pray about this, we’re going to move forward feeling pretty good about this. We are just going to move forward until the door closes.”

There’s power in doing something while you wait until you know what you should do. And there’s power in that type of faith in action because lots of people wait to “hear from God” before they do anything. But God so often shows us what He wants for us by opening and closing doors as we walk up to them. So, praying, “God, show us. If you don’t want this house for us, let it not work out. Just give us a hard ‘no,’ give us peace about walking away and canceling this deal. Don’t let it work out in some way.” And God did that for us with the house.

And He’ll do that for you with whatever your decision is.

One quick thing to note…sometimes living this way makes you look silly. It makes you look fickle. It makes you look like you don’t have your ‘you know what’ together. You know, like, “Oh, we’re moving across the country.” Actually, no we’re not, but who cares?

This is your life. The one and only. Live boldly. Walk forward. Prayerfully move on. Stop feeling bad about changing your mind.

Also go listen to episode 17. It’s called, “it’s okay to change your mind.” It’s amazing and powerful. It’s another pep talk and I think you might need it if you’re listening to this one and vibing with what I’m saying.

I just think there’s something to be said about not sitting still and waiting for God to tell you, “This is exactly what I want you to do. This is exactly how it’s going to feel. This is exactly what’s going to happen.” So often that’s not how He works.

So, pray and move forward. Start walking. Start going towards something that you feel good about. Ask God to align your heart with His. Ask Him to align what you’re doing with His will, but move forward as you walk and pray and seek out what is right.

Sure, you might look silly and people might think, “Hey, I thought you were taking that job,” or “I thought you were going to homeschool,” or “I thought you were moving.” And you’re going to be like, “No, that ended up not working out.”

Who cares? It’s okay to change your mind and it’s okay to just walk forward.

Stop over-complicating decision making. It’s stressing you out. It’s not worth it.

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I am always rooting for you, friend!

See ya next time!

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